Tips from Dr. Berg to improve dashboard performance

by Molly Brien

October 25, 2012

How do you get to the root cause of dashboard performance problems? The once you diagnose them, how do you resolve them?

This is the topic from Dr. Bjarne Berg’s session entitled “Preventing, Diagnosing, and Resolving the 20 Most Common Dashboard Performance Problems” at the upcoming Xcelsius Dashboards Bootcamp.

This excerpt highlights just one of the session’s 20 dashboard performance monitoring considerations:

Excel performance considerations — What to avoid:

  • The logic you build into your Excel spreadsheet is also compiled into the Flash file when you export it
  • Since some “daisy-chain” functions are very time consuming, you should be careful not to add too many conditions in the data
  • Lookup functions and conditioning that should be avoided include:


    > Mid strings (MID)
    > Right and left strings (RIGHT/LEFT)
    > Horizontal Lookups (HLOOKUP)
    > Vertical Lookups (VLOOKUP)

    ?     Condition

    > General conditioning (IF)
    > Count if a condition is true (COUNTIF)
    > Sum if a condition is true (SUMIF)

    Note: Complex logic and nested logic create large SWF files and take a long time to open. Try to keep as much of the calculations and logic in the query instead of the spreadsheet.

    For more information on the upcoming seminar in Washington DC, November 28-30, visit  Xcelsius Dashboards Bootcamp.

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