Tips and Techniques from Shell International on Dashboard Development

by Bridget Kotelly

September 12, 2012

These quick tips come from Steve Mutch and Simon Robb from Shell International BV. Robb and Steve are speaking at the upcoming BI 2012 conference in Singapore, 16-18 October on “Field-tested techniques for designing executive level performance management reports and dashboards”.

Tips for structuring your BEx query:

  • Always try to use a double structure (rows and columns) in order to ensure that a predictable number of rows are returned and the result is a predictable
  • Avoid using hierarchies within your BEx query, as inclusion will mean that returning a predictable number of rows is impossible
  • Reduce the complexity of your BEx queries to perform small and specific tasks. This leads to more BEx but faster data retrieval

Tips for Structuring Your SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Source Files

  • Different tabs are used for input from the dashboard: Logic to determine Web service endpoints, graph settings, data connections, and Flash variables
  • Structuring individual Worksheets is also important. Color coding blocks of cells is particularly helpful

These are just a few quick tips from the presentation. Visit the BI 2012 web site for more information on Steve and Robb’s session. Steve is also presenting, along with Djorno Gubbels from Shell, on “Technical lessons from Shell International BV's SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3 upgrade”.

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