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GRC 2013 Amsterdam Presentation Tip - 10.0 Upgrade Misconceptions

by Matthew Moore

May 23, 2013

The following is a preview of the session "Where are you now and where do you want to be on the roadmap of compliance?" by James Roeske of Customer Advisory Group that will be presented at GRC 2013 in Amsterdam. You can get more guidance for staying on the right path to compliance at the event in June.

Misconceptions about GRC 10 upgrade projects:
br /> 1. It is very difficult and expensive to upgrade!

NO – this is not correct. A typical Rule Set review and AC 10 technical upgrade for ARA and Emergency Access can be completed in a matter of weeks. Access Risk Management does require more time due to the steps needed to convert over to the new workflow engine and perform the necessary testing due diligence.

2. AC 10 is immature with too may bugs; I’ll stick with my old, trusty “stable version”

NO – This is not correct. As with any new product, issues can and will occur. AC10 has been in general release for almost 2 years (since July 2011), has 12 support packs released containing fixes and functionality enhancements, and is being used by hundreds of customers around the world.

3. I’m on the SAP NetWeaver version of AC. I’ve heard there is no migration path for me, therefore, I need to start from scratch to re-configure the new ABAP version.

NO! You worked hard establishing your existing processes and configuration; don’t trash the good stuff! SAP provides migration tools to assist in transferring your configuration over to the new AC10 system. Not everything can be migrated via the tools. Some experienced consultants may have strategies to aid in the migration process.

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