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SAP Access Control 10.1 Migrations: What Data Can Be Migrated From 5.3?

by Allison Martin

August 7, 2014

A lot of customers running SAP Access Control 5.3 are beginning to evaluate the latest 10.1 release, and for good reason. Whether it’s the enhanced capabilities that 10.1 offers, like running GRC processes on the SAP HANA platform, or the improvements made to how access risk analysis is performed, customers have a number of questions.
One of the most common inquiries I’ve heard from customers is in the area of data migration. Users want to know what data can actually be migrated from 5.3 to the new version. This move to 10.1 is not a simple upgrade due to the platform change to ABAP, so there are questions in those areas as well. At our recent GRC 2014 event in Nice, France, Marie-Luise Wagener from SAP presented a few slides that addressed this.

Here’s a quick snippet from her presentation which outlines what data can be migrated from each of the different components of SAP Access Control from version 5.3 to 10.1.

Risk analysis and remediation component:

  • Segregation-of-duties rules
  • Individual business units
  • Mitigation controls
  • Critical roles and profiles
  • Organizational rules
  • Supplementary rules

Enterprise role management component:

  • Role attributes in ERPM
  • Methodology processes
  • Organizational value mappings
  • Roles
  • Association of roles to methodology steps

Compliant user provisioning:

  • Workflow types
  • Initiators (limited)
  • Approvers
  • CADs (limited)
  • Stages
  • Paths
  • Escalation configurations
  • Escape routes
  • Role repository

Super-user privilege management:

  • Fire Fighter User-Based + Description
  • Fire Fighter Object + Description
  • Fire Fighter Owner + Description
  • Fire Fighter Controller + Description
  • Reason Codes

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