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Megatrends — and Why They Matter to SAP Customers

by Lucy Swedberg

May 1, 2014

Trends affecting businesses today are broader than ever — and they are happening faster than we ever imagined. While businesses will always monitor short-term trends such as daily commodity prices and regional cash flow, today the leading global companies are recognizing they must build long-term, sustainable strategies based on the broader trends. The global trends. The megatrends. 

These megatrends include issues such as demographic shifts, shifts in economic power, and accelerating urbanization. Companies that don’t take these trends into consideration when planning their long-term talent management and customer-facing strategies, for example, will be left behind. Climate change and resource scarcity will dramatically impact how companies manage supply chains and product manufacturing in the future. And technological breakthroughs like cloud and mobility are changing the most basic business processes.

In fact, according to PwC’s recently completed 2014 US CEO survey, when business leaders considered the megatrends rocking our world, 86% cited technological advances as the global trend that will most transform business. Even those US CEOs who ranked other megatrends like urbanization or demographic shifts as more transformative agreed that disruptive technology would be a powerful change agent to their business in the next five years, ranking it as their second or third choice.

The megatrends channel on SAPinsider Online is dedicated to helping SAP customers understand how these broader trends impact their business and how they can leverage the latest technology to turn these megatrends into a competitive advantage instead of a looming challenge. The content specialists featured on this channel have SAP-specific knowledge to help your company plan your strategy in areas such as finance, HR, governance and risk, supply chain, and IT. They understand the challenges and pressures today’s businesses are facing, and they understand the solutions that are available — to SAP customers specifically — to help meet those challenges.

We hope you find the information and guidance on this channel useful in planning your company’s long-term strategy. Because as the great Yogi Berra once said, “The future ain’t what it used to be.”

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