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Lights, Camera, Action: SAPinsider Studio Covers the 2015 SAPinsider Spring Conferences

Insightful answers from SAP thought leaders, event speakers, consultants, and event attendees

by Ken Murphy, Editorial Director, Data & Analytics

May 19, 2015

The SAPinsider Studio hosts came to the SAPinsider spring 2015 events armed with questions about what organizations are doing to innovate with SAP technology, and with more than 50 videos from HR, BI, HANA, Financials, GRC, SCM, and CRM 2015, we were provided some insightful answers from a veritable who's who of SAP thought leaders, event speakers, consultants, and even attendees.

HR 2015

Lauren Bonneau was the studio host at HR 2015, and sat down with SAP's Mike Ettling, President, HR Line of Business to hear more about his analogy how moving HR to the cloud is like the children's game Chutes and Ladders. David Ludlow, Group Vice President, SAP Labs, shed some more light on this topic in a separate interview. Executives from Steelcase, Boston University, PepsiCo, and other organizations discussed some topical HR challenges and how SAP is helping them plot their next HR journey.

The Cloud Journey for Customers, HR Technology, and Service Delivery

“The key thing for us is that everyone is going to move to the cloud at a different pace, and they’re going move because their HR transformation journeys are different and where they are in terms of their investment cycle with on-premise is different." - Mike Ettling, SAP, President, LoB HR




BI and HANA 2015

The Studio packed up and moved to MGM Grand for BI and HANA 2015, and this reporter had the pleasure of sitting down with SAP CTO Quentin Clark, the event keynote speaker, who spoke with us about SAP S/4HANA and shed light on SAP's analytics roadmap.

Other guests included Cynthia Strickland from McKesson, who spoke to us about the company's SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) powered by SAP HANA migration, and Dr. Bjarne Berg, who discussed the database migration option (DMO) for just such a migration.


SAP S/4HANA, Deeper Analytics, and the Path Ahead for SAP Customers

“The real material difference (with SAP S/4HANA) is how deeply we’re able to take advantage of HANA in the suite, and the applications themselves and the workloads, whether it’s human capital management, finance, logistics, or what have you." - Quentin Clark, SAP CTO




Financials and GRC 2015

At Financials and GRC 2015, down the Vegas Strip at the Wynn, there was a lot of discussion at SAPinsider Studio about SAP Simple Finance and SAP S/4HANA, starting with keynote presenter Thack Brown, SAP GM and Global Head of LoB Finance. Kevin McCollom, SAP Global VP and GM of SAP GRC Solutions, provided the GRC perspective on SAP S/4HANA in an informative interview with Steve Biskie of Highwater Advisors.

SAP Simple Finance and What It Means for Customers

“What Simple Finance is about is taking away those system limitations and those system barriers, so that all of this unnecessary work goes away; now finance can work on a single source of truth, with the right data, have real-time view and access into that data, and move the processes to run on real-time without the lag.” - Thack Brown, SAP GM and Global Head, LoB Finance



The Direction of SAP Solutions for GRC

“S/4HANA and HANA itself gives us a chance to open the can on all the existing business processes … and much more deeply integrate the rest of the GRC portfolio so it’s not only real-time information but real-time compliance, real-time risk management, and real-time governance built right into the processes." - Kevin McCollom, SAP Global VP and GM of SAP GRC Solutions




SCM and CRM 2015

SAPinsider Studio host Ian Murphy closed out the spring conference season at SCM and CRM 2015 at the Mirage, and he welcomed the top names in SAP SCM and SAP CRM to his guest chair, including Hans Thalbauer, SAP Senior Vice-President, Extended Supply Chain, who discussed at length the SAP vision for creating a comprehensive demand and planning network, which includes incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) into the discussion. Thomas Ohnemus, SAP's Solution Marketing Manager, Extended Supply Chain, extends the IoT discussion in a separate interview.

Not to be outdone, Dr. Volker Hildebrand, SAP Global VP of CEC Solution Management, visited SAPinsider Studio to discuss how SAP is paving the way for organizations to more effectively engage with their customers, including how the cloud is helping to reframe that conversation.

Industry 4.0 and Its Impact on the Extended Supply Chain

“A lot of insights that you have right now that you’ve never had before, which changes the whole behavior of the consumer because he knows more. And it changes the behavior of manufacturers because they have more information about their own products." - Thomas Ohnemus, Solution Marketing Manager, Extended Supply Chain, SAP




SAP CRM and the Evolution of Customer Engagement

“Customers are changing the rules of engagement. … New technologies like mobile and social media empower the customer; they’re digitally connected, they’re socially networked, and better informed than ever before." - Dr. Volker Hildebrand, Global VP of CEC Solution Management, SAP



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