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Bill McDermott Leaves CEO Position at SAP: Impact for SAPinsiders

by Rizal Ahmed, Chief Research Officer, SAPinsider | October 11, 2019

A look inside Bill McDermott stepping down and Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan stepping into SAP co-CEO roles. MORE »»

Building Intelligence at the Edge and a Pipeline to the Cloud

by Pierce Owen, VP, Research, SAPinsider | September 4, 2019

Here, we share some of the initial findings from a survey of SAP customers we conducted on IT/OT integration, as well as what we learned from our conversation with Nutanix leadership, including how they view the business and technical problems... MORE »»

The Many Faces of the Future of SAP Analytics – Part 2 (Do You Still Need, or Want, an Enterprise Data Warehouse?)

by Penny Silvia, VP and Research Director, SAPinsider | April 25, 2019

Much has changed since the early days of SAP analytics. This second installment of a multi-part series explores how changes in thought process, user requirements, and technologies have affected the way we think about enterprise data warehouses (EDWs) — and... MORE »»

The Many Faces of the Future of SAP Analytics – Part 1 (Is Embedded Analytics the Death of SAP BW?)

by Penny Silvia, VP and Research Director, SAPinsider | April 11, 2019

As comfortable as the SAP user community might be with targeted and advanced analytics in their personal lives, many are still using outdated analytics software in their professional lives. However, with the newer technologies coming in and new features of... MORE »»

SAPinsider Kicks Off 2019 Event: Day 1 Wrap-Up

by Penny Silvia, VP and Research Director, SAPinsider | March 20, 2019

On March 19, 2019, SAPinsider kicked off its yearly event for the 17th year. Learn what leaders from SAPinsider and SAP shared with attendees about what to expect from this year's event and from SAP and SAPinsider going forward.


Tips for Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Modernizing the SAP Landscape

March 5, 2019

A look at Cisco’s new SAP data center portfolio that includes tools designed to avoid common pitfalls such as over-spending on hardware, under-planning for migrations, and ensuring a secure operating environment. MORE »»

Analytics in the Cloud: Moving from Hype to Reality

by Rizal Ahmed, Chief Research Officer, SAPinsider and Lauren Bonneau, Senior Editor, SAPinsider | February 21, 2019

A hefty number of business processes are already being run in the cloud. Analytics processes are joining the ranks of HR, travel, and expense, as the most popular ones in the cloud already (according to SAPinsider research). SAP customers that... MORE »»

3 Use Cases for Blockchain in the Supply Chain

by Kevin Guiliano, Analyst, Digital Supply Chain Management | January 31, 2019

This blog takes a quick look at emerging blockchain use cases in various industries. MORE »»

SAPinsider Unveils New Research and Content Strategy for 2019

by Rizal Ahmed, Chief Research Officer, SAPinsider | January 31, 2019

Meeting the needs of our audience is SAPinsider's guiding principle and change is a part of that. To strengthen the value we bring to you and the rest of our 300,000-strong SAPinsider membership, based on your feedback, we have designed a... MORE »»

Discover What’s New in Best Practices

by Amanda Wierling | August 30, 2018

Protiviti is offering a comprehensive SAP® BusinessObjects™ Business Intelligence suite (BI suite) webinar series that presents SAP best practices you will want to incorporate into your organization.