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Businesses Need to Do Three Things in 2018: SAPPHIRE NOW Makes It Happen

by Susan Galer | March 29, 2018

These are the top three customer priorities, along with how SAPPHIRE NOW will address them in 2018.


Test drive insiderTRAINING with 15 free lessons

March 16, 2017

insiderTRAINING offers 15 free, no-obligation lessons to test out the learning platform. All of insiderTRAINING's lessons are hands-on and take place in a simulated SAP environment so students get experience navigating screens and entering transaction codes just like they would... MORE »»

insiderTRAINING announces 9 new sessions on Financials, Solution Manager, and BusinessObjects

February 22, 2017

insiderTRAINING announces 9 new courses available on the learning platform. The new session are on SAP Solution Manager Test Management, SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, SAP Central Controlling, SAP Financial Accounting, the Asset History Sheet, Material Ledger, General Ledger Journal Entries,... MORE »»

How a good employee training program can help reduce turnover rates

December 14, 2016

Proving the ROI of an employee training program is no easy task, but what is the cost of not training your employees? Recent studies show that the cost of turnover could be anywhere from $11,000 per vacancy to two times... MORE »»

7 Principles for a Successful SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Implementation

by Nicole D'Angelo, SAPinsider Assistant Editor | December 2, 2016

Follow this seven-step strategy for an SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer implementation that delivers noticeable benefits to the organization.    


Infographic: Investigating the 5 Ws of SAP end-user training

November 30, 2016

Employee training programs are frequently misunderstood by management and are the first thing cut when budgets get tight. Here are the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of SAP end-user education that prove their value. MORE »»

Strategic Advice to Quantify the ROI of Your Employee Training Program

November 18, 2016

Calculating ROI for a training program isn’t as straightforward as plugging numbers into a formula; there are more aspects to consider. MORE »»

6 Factors to Consider When Evaluating End-User Training Options

October 20, 2016

The vital importance of end-user training means you should thoroughly evaluate your options to find a program that works best for your environment. There are several factors to consider when evaluating your training options.


7 Questions to Guide You on Your S&OP Transformation

by Nicole D'Angelo, SAPinsider Assistant Editor | October 4, 2016

A series of seven questions that can help business stakeholders uncover the root causes of the issues in an S&OP strategy and determine ways to fix them. MORE »»

Benchmark Your Order Management Process

September 26, 2016

Does your current order management process meet today’s standards for timeliness, efficiency, and cost? Take this brief, 8-question multiple-choice quiz to find out.