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Tips on How to Maximize Security and Productivity with SAP Single Sign-On

by Kristian Lehment, Senior Product Manager, SAP SE | April 18, 2018

Learn the basics of the key technologies involved with SAP Single Sign-On and read about scenarios involved in safeguarding access management in the whole system environment. MORE »»

Securing SAP Fiori Applications: 3 Quick Wins

by Juan Perez-Etchegoyen, CTO, Onapsis | April 16, 2018

Because SAP Fiori applications are meant to connect people and organizations, you might be exposing these applications to the internet, with the security and business risks that it implies. Learn three quick fixes in SAP Fiori applications that will help... MORE »»

Attacks to an SAP System: Bypassing Detection and How to Prevent It

by Juan Perez-Etchegoyen, CTO, Onapsis | April 9, 2018

Juan Perez-Etchegoyen of Onapsis describes a vulnerability in SAP HANA 1.0 and explains how you fix it.

Businesses Need to Do Three Things in 2018: SAPPHIRE NOW Makes It Happen

by Susan Galer | March 29, 2018

These are the top three customer priorities, along with how SAPPHIRE NOW will address them in 2018.


Has Your System Been Breached?

by Andrea Haynes, Senior Editor, Financials and GRC, Wellesley Information Services | March 27, 2018

Be sure you are as aware as cyber attackers are of the methods for breaking into your SAP system. Juan Perez-Etchegoyen of Onapsis outlines a number of potential threats and provides advice about how to counter them and protect your... MORE »»

How a Penetration Test Can Keep Your SAP System Safe

by Gary Byrne, Editor, Wellesley Information Services | March 22, 2018

In a blog related to one of his sessions at Cybersecurity for SAP Customers 2018, Frederik Weidemann of Virtual Forge explains why you should perform a penetration test of your SAP landscape. MORE »»

Harden SAP HANA Security to Thwart Threats

by Andrea Haynes, Senior Editor, Financials and GRC, Wellesley Information Services | March 14, 2018

The enhanced data processing functionality offered by SAP HANA needs to be protected against cyberattacks. Matt Lonstine gives advice on the security measures you can take to safeguard SAP HANA. MORE »»

Tips on Securing Your SAP System from an SAP Security Expert

by Andrea Haynes, Senior Editor, Financials and GRC, Wellesley Information Services | March 9, 2018

Cyber attacks are becoming more formidable, but there are measures you can take to ensure your SAP system is not an easy target. Gerlinde Zibulski, Director of SAP Security Product Management at SAP SE, explains the safeguards in the SAP portfolio... MORE »»

SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 Live Stream - Full Schedule

May 12, 2017

View the complete schedule of keynotes and sessions from SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 streaming on SAPinsider Online.


SAPPHIRE NOW 2017 Coverage

May 12, 2017

Watch  keynotes, presentations, and discussions on a wide variety of topics including:SAP S/4HANA, the digital economy, the future of work, and more.