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Financials Presentation: Reducing the Complexity of SAP GL Configurations

by Rohana Gunawardena | May 12, 2015

In this excerpt from the Financials 2014 session "Lessons and Tips to Reduce the Complexity Surrounding SAP General Ledger Configurations" by Rohana Gunawardena, review his advice on converting GL accounts using Open Item Management. MORE »»

SCM Presentation: Demand Planning with SAP Solutions — A Detailed Guide

March 12, 2015

Review these slides from the SAPinsider SCM Conference session "Demand Planning with SAP Solutions: A Detailed Guide to Features, Functions, Implementations, and Best Practices," presented by Deloitte’s Rick Anderson and Alistair Thornton. MORE »»

Book Chapter from SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP BusinessObjects: Comprehensive Guide

March 3, 2015

Download this sample chapter, BEx Query Designer, for an introduction to the tools of the SAP Business Explorer Suite (BEx Suite). The BEx Suite is a component of SAP NetWeaver BW. The SAP BusinessObjects portfolio provides a series of other... MORE »»

Book Chapter from Surviving an SAP Audit

March 3, 2015

Download this sample audit overview chapter and gain insight into some of the principals that an auditor must follow. You’ll gain a better understanding of why auditors do what they do and the things you can do to make the... MORE »»

Book Chapter from 100 Things You Should Know About HR Management with SAP

March 3, 2015

Download a sample chapter from this book to learn about payroll, including information on deleting payroll processes, reversing posting run documents, inserting custom messages in payroll stubs, and creating files for third-party providers. MORE »»

Book Chapter from Production Planning and Control with SAP ERP

March 3, 2015

Download a sample chapter and get overviews on configuration basics of discrete manufacturing, production planning for process industries, sales and operation planning, and special procurement types. MORE »»

Book Chapter from Mobile Development for SAP

February 25, 2015

Download this sample chapter, “Building Mobile Business Objects,” to learn an introduction to the concept of MBO. This chapter will also give a description of the Unwired Workspace tools that are used to build the MBOs.


Financials 2014 Presentation: Tips for Implementing Receivables Management Functionality from SAP

May 7, 2014

Download this Financials 2013 presentation on the lessons learned from dozens of SAP account receivable (A/R) implementations at some of the world's most complex corporate environments.  This session, "Lessons from the Trenches: How to Complete a Successful Implementation of Receivables Management Functionality... MORE »»

GRC 2013 Tips from Marc Jackson: Using SAP Process Control as an anti-bribery & corruption (AB&C) compliance tool

by Marc Jackson | February 6, 2014

Download an excerpt from this presentation by Turnkey Consulting's Marc Jackson delivered at SAPinsider's GRC 2013 conference. Marc shares his tips on developing an effective Anti-Bribery and Corruption (AB&C) Compliance solution with SAP Process Control.


Book Excerpt: SuccessFactors with SAP ERP HCM

by Amy Grubb and Luke Marson and Jyoti Sharma | December 19, 2013

Download this excerpt from Chapter 10 “Recruiting Execution”  from the book SuccessFactors with SAP ERP HCM by Amy Grubb, Luke Marson and Jyoti Sharma.