Expert Advice on How to Fine-Tune Your SAP Mobility Strategy

by Winni Hesel and Dave Hannon

June 21, 2011


The move to the mobile enterprise is happening fast. Very fast. You’ve heard the statistics. You’ve seen the devices being used in ways you never thought imaginable. And we’re all aware that this is just the tip of the mobile iceberg.
Your job as an IT executive at an SAP user organization is to plan both a short-term and long-term mobile strategy that supports your business goals and leverages the mobile solutions SAP is bringing to market. And I’m guessing you’ve got some questions.

In the exclusive podcast, mobility expert Winni Hesel of Enowa Consulting answers some of the most common questions that SAP users have, including: matching your mobile and on-premise strategy, evaluating SAP’s mobile strategy, navigating the app explosion and the BYOD challenge, and more.

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