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New Features for ESS & MSS with EhP5: Q&A with Jeremy Masters on new self-services functionality with SAP ERP HCM

by Amy Thistle

I recently moderated an online HR Forum with HCM expert Jeremy Masters on preparing for enhancement package 5 and the changes it brings to employer and manager self-services. Members asked their ESS/MSS questions in an exclusive, one-hour live Q&A with SAP ERP HCM expert and HR 2012 speaker Jeremy Masters on Tuesday, February 21 in the HR Forum.

The discussion was lively on topics such as Talent Management infotypes for ESS/MSS, how enhancement packages affect existing functionality, new functionality for changes to compensation with EhP5, SAP Portal requirements, and tips on making the most of the new look and feel with EhP5.

To review the entire Q&A, you can view the Forum page here, or read the edited transcript below.

Amy Thistle: Welcome to today’s Forum! We invite you to ask your questions about how enhancement packages are changing ESS and MSS in this one-hour forum with SAP HCM expert Jeremy Masters of Worklogix.

Jeremy Masters is an HR Expert advisor and author and featured HR 2012 speaker, and he’ll be presenting a jumpstart session on this very topic in Las Vegas in a few weeks. Today, he will be taking your questions in the forum for the next hour.

Thanks, Jeremy, for joining us today. There are a number of questions already posted, so I’ll let Jeremy begin. Welcome, Jeremy!

Jeremy Masters: Thank you Amy, and thank you to the Insider Learning Network for hosting this Q & A today. I am excited to be a part of this!

YagneshPatel: Are there standard functionalities available where we can display Education History (IT 0022) and Previous Employment history (IT0023) and make it read only on ESS?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Yagnesh,
Great question. SAP has not provided any iViews for Infotype 0022 or 0023, but what they have done is make some new Talent Management infotypes available to us if you have Enhancement Package 4. These are new Infotypes on the PD side (associated to the employee's CP , Central Person, ID.)

As part of the employee profile within Talent Management, the following infotypes are now available:
- Internal Work Experience (7402)
- External Work Experience (7403)
- Education (7404)
Please note - there is NO linkage between these newer infotypes and the older 0022 and 0023 Infotypes. Any migration would need to be based on on your specific customer requirements.

You can only use these infotypes if you decide to go forward with the new Talent Management functionality. As far as making read-only, you can do that through some easy configuration/development of the Web Dynpro ABAP technology.

JackieBrewington: Where can we find a list of EhP5 new features for ESS/MSS?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Jackie,
How are you?
Probably the best, most up-to-date place to get the latest EhP5 features and functionality is here (this assumes you will migrate to the new Web Dynpro ABAP launchpad customizing - we can chat about that later!):
1st business function (requires EhP5)
2nd business function (requires EhP6)

Also you can come to my jumpstart session at the HR 2012 conference in Vegas ?.

MarilynWoods: Would we need to correct all ABAP custom objects or what is the best way to secure any custom codes created prior to an EHP upgrade?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Ma rilyn,
Identifying custom objects can be a tedious affair. There are ways that you can do this yourself (looking at the SPAU, looking at any Z or Y development). There are also (3rd party) applications that you can purchase that can help you identify these items. If you are interested in the latter, please feel free to email for that information.
Also, just to note - the amount of corrections will direction correlate to the amount of enhancements that were done on the front end (ITS, Web Dynpro JAVA, BSP). The backend logic should be leverageable or at least more leverageable than anything done on the presentation layer (front end). This would need to be evaluated as you migrate to the Web Dynpro ABAP front end since most of it is a presentation change and less functionality improvements (although this is a generalization).

Harshal Soni: Hi Jeremy,
Thank you for this forum...
We are currently on EhP5. However, I was told that not all BN services are available in EhP5. Some of the services are only available in EhP4.
Is it possible to deploy few services from EhP4 and some from EhP5? Can we run parallel portals which will have EhP4 and EhP5 services?
We are using the Netweaver Business Client to access these services.

Jeremy Masters: Hi Harshal,
Great question.
What are BN services? Are you referring to Benefits? If yes, then you would have to wait until EhP6 for the latest Benefits functionality (all new functionality delivered in Web Dynpro ABAP technology).
As far as deploying services and Enhancement packages, it's best if you think of the Enhancement Packages as more Basis upgrade/updates versus from a functional side, the BUSINESS FUNCTIONS are there for us functional people. The business functions allow us to pick and choose which functionalities we want to turn on. So yes, you can definitely run services from Eh4 and EhP5. The one thing to keep in mind is that some busine ss functions have prerequisites.
So for example, the latest ESS business function:
HCM, ESS on Web Dynpro ABAP 2

will have a prerequisite for the first ESS business function in Web Dynpro:
HCM, ESS on Web Dynpro ABAP

You just need to check the documentation.
Word of caution: it's best to activate these in a sandbox, because most of these business functions are not reversible, meaning once you switch them on, you can't switch them off! The later business functions are coming reversible but most the earlier ones are not!!! .... makes things exciting for us!

KarenTang: How does installing enhancement packages -- without activating -- impact existing functionality? Is there a way to get a summary of the impacts?
We found impacts on our eRC and UWL functionality, even though we did not activate. We are still working with SAP to resolve and we went live with eHP5 last December.

Jeremy Masters: Hi Karen,
The official answer is that is should not impact any existing functionality. That said, it looks like you have found our first hand that this is not the case.
That was the whole point from SAP to come out with this approach on business functions. (It was like the previous concept before with the 4.7 release and "extension sets"). These business functions would only be turned on and functionality would be isolated and updated appropriately.
Good luck resolving your issue - hopefully you can get things squared away soon!

KanekaChhim: Hi Jeremy,
With EHP5, can approving managers change compensation recommendations? Previously, approving managers cannot do that; they had to reject the recommendation and the recommending managers would then be able to go and change it.
If this is allowed, what auditing tools are available? And any notifications back to the recommending managers that the recommendation was changed?
Kaneka< /p>

Jeremy Masters: Hi Kaneka,
Yes, with the new EhP5 functionality within Enterprise Compensation Management, any approving manager (or higher level manager, for that matter) can edit and approve in one step (without having to reject it and having the planning manager re-submit). This configuration is achieved in a new table / table view in the solution. Look for V_T71ADM26_1 in transaction SM30. This is the new table view in EhP5 which allows you to control this.
Don't ask me why I know the table view from memory - I know, I am a sick person.:)

Myron Nehrebecki: When we activate the correct Business Function in EhP5.0 will it be possible to use reporting structure as the determining factor to run MSS delivered reports as opposed to the designation of Organizational Unit Chief as it is now? ?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Myron,
Nice to "talk" again! You ask a good question, and I cannot give you a firm answer yes or no. However, I would be interested in checking out the following business function:

This is the business function for PD Visualization which, depending on the process you are describing, could provide us some options.

Harshal Soni: ESS - Scenario: A Manager manages 3 different OU (These 3 OU does not have chief as a part of their OU). Is it possible for an employee in one of the OU to view the data from different OU and their Chief in Team Calendar...
In EhP4 it was not possible... Is there any enhancement or custom logic that can be used in EhP5?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Harshal,
I am not aware that any functionality in EhP5 will be able to provide you this.
As far as custom logic, I would expore the Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) available and standard functions that could be enhanced as part of the OADP (Object and Data Provider). Within the configuration (check out the V_TWPC* table views in transaction SM30), I would also check here for any fancy configuration (or custom functions) that can be used to broaden the functionality within the Team Calendar iView.

YagneshPatel: Hi Jeremy,
We just upgraded to EhP5 but have not activated any new HCM functionality. We are currently on the old look and feel for ESS. What are the high level steps needed to activate the new ESS look and feel?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Yagnesh,
I don't have time to give you the steps but I can tell you the key to doing this!
You need to look into the Launchpad customizing which is the new replacement for the Homepage Framework. It is within this Launchpad that all the services are organized for the portal.
The launch pad itself is based on the new Web Dynpro ABAP component, but any existing service (Web Dynpro Java, BSP, PCD locale, internal/external web page) can be referenced and "launched" from this Launchpad.
I will be discussing this functionality during my jumpstart session in Vegas during the HR 2012 conference (which you all should go to ?), but if you wanted to do some pre-read, check out the SAP help site and also check our transcation code LPD_CUST in your Enhancement Package 5 system.

Joyce: Hi Jeremy,
Is the SAP Portal required for ESS/MSS with EHP5? What other delivery options are there?

Jeremy Masters: JSM to JSB,
Great question. With EhP5, there are many deployment options in EhP5. They include the following:
- SAP Enterprise Portal
- NetWeaver Business Client for HTML (NWBC)
- Third-Party portals, including Microsoft Sharepoint or IBM Websphere
- Duet Enterprise
I could write (another) novel on these deployment options, but this represents one of the biggest innovations coming out of Enhancement Package 5. Based on customer feedback, SAP has now enabled customers to visualize most (and soon all) ESS and MSS s elf services in a number of difference ways.
Probably the most impactful is the NetWeaver Business Client for HTML (NWBC), which means that customers don't need to have an SAP Enterprise Portal at all. This has been a key dependency for self services throughout the years but now it is no longer. Customers can essentially serve up self service components using this layer in lieu of the portal. For more information on NWBC, you can click here.

Third party portals - especially SharePoint- have been of particular interest for many customers, and I see several already exploring how to connect their SharePoint site with the backend SAP services. I suspect this will be more common now that the self services are more open for integration.
Duet is another powerful platform, but has yet to get the customer attention that it could. Customers have been slow to look at this option full scale, but yet it is a viable deployment option.

Jarret Pazahanick: I think it is great they you are so open providing your expertise on these Q&A and get the feeling these will continue to grow in popularity.
If you could play SAP ESS/MSS product manager what are the 2-3 things that you would make sure were included in EHP7?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Jarret,
Fellow HR Expert and friend!!! It's great that you could join, and I really value the social media contributions you are making within the SAP space.
To your question, as far as ESS/MSS future functionality, I would look into a reporting re-design for operational reports. There's not enough in the way of operational reporting out-of-the-box for MSS. HANA and the BW/BOBJ have been expanding and going in the right direction, but for those customers not able to provide these tools, more robust reporting should be available.
Second, I would continue to work on the usability of the applications, especially in the areas of performance management and compensation management. I am big into user experien ce, and actually have a session during the upcoming conference.
Check it out for any one that is there.
@SAP_Jarret thanks for checking in!

PuneetKumar: Hi Jeremy,
What are the major challenges that one has to keep in mind during upgrade from ECC to ECC Ehp5?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Puneet,
The major challenges relate to the impacts to your current functionality, assuming you will adopt the new iViews in the EhP5 solution.
For example, the compensation planning worksheet looks and operates differently between the ECC 6.0 and ECC 6.0, EhP5 versions. You would essentially have to re-implement the new ECM functionality in EhP5 since, in this case, ECM in EhP5 is both a front end improvement (based on Web Dynpro ABAP) as well as many backend functionality changes (buffered data, budget refresh programs, etc.).
With the new EhP6, there is an entirely new front end to Benefits, if you are using that functionality.
And the list could go on...
The point here is that if you intend to use the new EhP5 functionality, it comes with both project/implementation considerations as well as service delivery and change management implications. So be careful what you sign up for!

mervinmichael: Hi Jeremy,
We currently running on EHP3 for our HR module specificall with the focus on ESS/MSS on and ERP/ECC6 platform and intend upgrading to EHP5,please advise on a roadmap and also indicate and pitt-falls and side effects

Jeremy Masters: Hi Mervin,
Your roadmap should be contingent on the business requirements. I can say that EhP4 and EhP5 probably collectively have more functionality improvements than the previous Enhancement packages combined.
- EhP4 was full of Talent Management functionality including Performance Management.
- EhP5 was full of ECM (Compensation) functionality, as well as the new Launchpad.
- EhP6 is a lot about Benefits and some other offerings.
So, it depends on what you want, but for sure, the quicker you get to EhP5 , the better!

gideonsnyders2: Hi Jeremy,
We running EHP3 in HR and Netweaver 701. Are there any changes to the Homepage framework for ESS en MSS in trcode SPRO?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Gideon,
There are no changes or the Homepage framework in EhP3. But, as I mentioned, you need to get ready for the new Launchpad customizing once you upgrade to EhP5.
And, just a note on that: SAP will still support the Homepage Framework even in EhP5 but any new functionality will be based from the launchpad. and not within HPF.
There is a good SAP Note out there for those of you bored on a Sunday evening: 1450179
Check out that SAP Note. It has some juicy stuff for ESS and MSS in terms of deployment options!

dattis: Do the ECM Workflow Notifications in EhP5 get displayed as workitems in UWL?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Dattis,
Yes, the new workflows in the Enterprise Compensation Management functionality in EhP5 get displayed in the UWL. There is also a way to send them to your corporate email inbox (ie., Lotus Notes/Outlook)

IanNewman: ESS-in-MSS: Does the new SAP standard functionality accommodate auto approvals for leave requests via ESS-in-MSS? I.e. To avoid the manager to approve the absence again captured by him/her on behalf of the employee.

Jeremy Masters: Hi Ian,
I am not aware of any auto-approvals for leave request in the new ESS-in-MSS functionality.

IanNewman: ESS: How to hide certain absence types available to the employee? I.e. to only allow managers to capture specific absence types on behalf of the employee (ESS-in-MSS).

Jeremy Masters: Hi Ian,
I would first check out the SAP Help site but I believe your request would involve some enhancement to filter the absence types by role. You should discuss with your c onsulting partner.

IanNewman: ESS-in-MSS: Is there a way for the manager to capture & approve the same leave type for several employees at once?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Ian,
I am not aware of a way to approve multiple at the same time (you would need backend authorization for that). See this documentation.

Kir Chern: Hello Jeremy,
Glad to hear from you. I have 2 general questions:
1. What are the critical success factors to transit from the pre-EHP5 ESS/MSS to the new generation of ESS/MSS including MSS Add-On 1.0, from the costing, functional, technical perspectives (in addition to project/change management issues) ?
2. There are new solutions like Career OnDemand, Travel OnDemand, Social Performance Management, cloud based solution. How are these solutions integrated with the on Premise ESS/MSS and SAP HCM PA/OM backend ? Or one has to choose one vs. the other?
Thank you.

Jeremy Masters: Hi Kir,
Nice for you to join our blog again.
For question #1, I would say the new Launchpad customizing would be the biggest technology change. This platform is different from the existing Homepage framework in several ways including technology (ABAP vs Java) as well as capability.
For question #2, these solutions are on demand options and would be hosted by SAP in their cloud-based offering. Integration would happen based on their existing technology. That said, with SAP's recent purchase of SuccessFactors, it is not likely that these On Demand solutions will develop further.

Jurijs Lubgans: Hello.
I know in order to use some new functionality from EHP5 several business functions must be active. But then there is a question about EHP4 and EHP5 compatibility.
Is it possible to run EHP4 and EHP5 simultaneously for different clients in multi-client environment?
Recently we have activated ECM business function HCM_ECM_CI_2 and recognized it is not possible to run the old EHP4 processes when this function is active.

Jeremy Masters: Hi Jurijs,
The short answer is absolutely - you can run both EhP4 and EhP5 functionalities (called business functions) within the same instance.
For more details, check out my blog response to another forum member:

RickyLee: Hi,
We already have some portal ESS functionality in Webdynpro Java like Timesheet, Expenses, Who's Who, etc.
We are now implementing Leave Request for part of our organisation.
We have couple of question.
We have managed to add the Leave Request WDA to the portal but we are finding on the Leave Request Overview both the Edit and Cancel button column are not display. Yet we can see it in the config. Is there anything we missed?
Also if we using the Leave Request WDA do we have to use POWL from MSS or can we use UWL using workflow for approval?

Jeremy Masters: RickyLee,
I would discuss with your consulting partner on your questions as they seem to be specific to your implementation.
For your help with your Leave Request question, see this link. According to the documentation,
"In the standard system, there is no direct link to this service. Approvers only need to use this service if leave requests exist that are awaiting approval. The most efficient way to approve these leave requests is by using work items in the POWL. In the standard system, therefore, this service can be accessed from the POWL only, provided you have implemented SAP Business Workflow.
If you do not want to implement SAP Business Workflow, you can include in system administration a separate link to the service in the Manager Portal. To do this, you should use the Leave Requests: Send E-Mails report (RPTARQEMAIL) to inform the approver that leave requests exist that are awaiting approval."

Tam: Hi Jeremy,
We are in th e progress of implementing the EhP5 time sheet. Is it possible to pre-populate user's template that user saved on the timesheet whe rolling out the EhP5 time sheet so that they don't have to repersonalize it? Or is there a way to roll out a different time sheet settings (layout) to a different group of user?

Jeremy Masters: Hi Tam,
Please consult your consulting partner for answer to this question.

Vasiliy Baranovskiy: Hi Jeremy,
Tell us about Self Service “Renewal” design from page 6 of presentation that you kindly shared for Forum participants. How to activate and configure it? What's technical difference from Bizcard from page 5?
Thank you in advance.

Jeremy Masters: Hi Vasiliy,
Your question is a good one. I believe SAP has enriched the Web Dynpro controls to allow for more "softer" look-and-feel to the styles. The exact technology enhancements I do not know, but I am sure we can get that information during the HR 2012 Conference in Vegas.

Amy Thistle: Thanks to all who posted questions and followed the discussion!
A full summary of all the questions will be available here in the HR Forum. I encourage you to review Jeremy’s tips and Forum posts and join the HR Group for ongoing information and additional resources. As I mentioned at the opening of the Forum, Jeremy will also be giving a number of presentations at HR 2012.
You can also meet Jeremy in person at this spring’s HR 2012 conference this March 13-16 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Jeremy will be presenting a jumpstart day session “An up-to-date guide to leveraging the latest SAP functionality for employee self-service (ESS) and manager self-service (MSS)” as well as conference sessions on enhancing ESS/MSS usability and on ECM. Visit the HR 2012 conference website for more details on the coneference, scheduled for Las Vegas, March 13-16, 2012.
And thank you again to Jeremy Masters of Worklogix for joining us today!

Jeremy Masters: Thank you Amy and Thank you SAP Insider and all at the Insider Learning Network.
I am really looking forward to the conference in Las Vegas, March 13-16, 2012.
Please stop by the Worklogix booth (#250) and say hello!
And please, follow me on Twitter @jeremymasters and check out my website
Thanks everyone!

Amy Thistle: Thank you again to Jeremy Masters.

For additional HCM and ESS/MSS information, the HR Forum archives past Q&As and we'll continue to update you on future live Forums.

If you have a question, you can also post your own question for the entire community by selecting "New Thread" in the HR Forum.

Thanks for joining us, and I look forward to seeing you all at HR 2012 in Las Vegas. Thanks again for a great discussion!

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