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How Enhanced User Experience Is Changing Core HR: Q&A on HR Renewal 2.0 and SAP Fiori for ESS/MSS, Payroll, and Roles in SAP ERP HCM

August 12, 2015

Thank you for registering for our online Q&A on HR Renewal 2.0 and SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM systems. Jacob Crane of EPI-USE Australia took questions on SAP Fiori, HR Renewal 2.0, new Payroll functions, self-services, and the impact of new UX options on future SuccessFactors integration with HCM systems.

You can view the replay and edited transcript of the one-hour chat below. 

Live Blog Changing HCM Self-Services with SAP HR Renewal: Chat Live Aug 12 10amSGT



Molly Folan

Welcome to today’s chat on HR Renewal 2.0 and SAP Fiori and the impact of new look and feel on core HCM as well as  SuccessFactors integration.

Taking your questions today is Jacob Crane, SAP NetWeaver Solution Architect with EPI-USE Australia. He will be presenting a session on Renewal 2.0 – including the new Payroll center and the impact of the latest UX options on SuccessFactors integration -- at the upcoming SuccessConnect 2015 conference in Singapore.

Jacob, thank you for joining us!


Jacob Crane

Hi, thanks for joining us today. I see we already have some good questions coming in and I look forward to helping answer them over the next hour.


Molly Folan

We do have quite a few questions from readers! But before we move into those, could you give us a quick overview of the new Payroll control center included in HR Renewal 2.0?

Jacob Crane: Certainly. Payroll Control Centre is a new tool from SAP that vastly improves the speed and efficiency of payroll processes. It uses SAP’s analytics capabilities to allow for quick reporting on variances, validations, and errors in payroll, almost in real-time. Additionally, it contains tools for managing the process and assigning work to payroll administrators so that the payroll team is able to work more efficiently.
It also uses the new UI5 look and feel and a new Fiori-like interface so it is very easy to use and much friendlier looking than traditional payroll reporting. The latest version has just been released with HR Renewal 2.0 Feature Pack 3.


Molly Folan: Thanks. I know we have questions waiting from   readers, so we'll let you finally take those now!


Comment From Guest

How do we tackle compatibility issues between SAP UI5 and Internet Explorer 11?

Jacob Crane: That’s a good question.   There have been a number of changes on both the SAP and the IE sides in the past year or so and it is a challenge that a lot of users see.   Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple one-size-fits-all answer as it depends on the mix of products / technologies in use and how you control browser usage and deployment.  

There is a nice blog by Maya Amit with info on the various scenarios and solutions that might help you out.


Comment From Michael

Hi Jacob, the Payroll Control Centre sounds exciting! Is this available in ECC or as a ESS page?

Jacob Crane: Hi Michael. It actually offers a couple ways to deploy it. You can use it in HR Renewal and integrate into the lanes with ESS, MSS, HR Professional, etc... or it can be integrated with Employee Central.


Comment From SVenkat

Are Fiori services available for benefit enrollment? It looks like only participation overview is available.

Jacob Crane: At this point I believe you can only view the enrollment with the benefits app from the earlier waves.


Comment From Guest

We are in the process of upgrading from EHP4 to EHP7. Is HR Renewal 2 part of EHP7? Also, I read somewhere that in HR Renewal 2 there is functionality in MSS for multiple approval of leave. We are planning to implement LSO after upgrade to EHP7. Will this require additional license fees? Where can I see the LSO screens for ESS / MSS & LSO Administrator?

Jacob Crane: HR Renewal does allow you to have multiple approvals for the Leave Request. As for LSO, I believe that is a separate license, but you would need to check with your SAP rep to be sure of your agreement. If you contact me with your email after the session I can try to get a link for demo screens for you.


Comment From Tanya Auckland Cou...

Is it possible to rollout the new HR Professional view without interfering with the existing ESS and MSS look/feel?

Jacob Crane: Yes, you can mix and match these. In this situation you would set up HR Professional as its own role but not include the ESS and MSS pieces in your catalog. The ESS and MSS users can be assigned the roles for the Web Dynpro-based versions without seeing any changes to their applications.


Comment From Guest

What type of process controls can be implemented with HR Renewal 2.0?I mean payroll process controls.

Jacob Crane: There aren’t really special process controls that I’ve seen used here as the focus is really more on managing and visibility into the process while speeding things up by simplifying the validations and error corrections. The process can be defined and then the Payroll Manager is responsible for signing off on each stage of the process, though. They also have tools that allow them to assign pieces of the process and units of work to the Payroll Administrators as well as role-based assignment, including access to data and different areas of the payroll.


Comment From SVenkat

Are Fiori services available for employee to change personal data like dependents, bank, address, etc.?

Jacob Crane: At this point you can use the People Profile to view the information but not yet to change it. SAP has released a way to bring these capabilities with wave 9, though. This now allows you to call other applications including UI5 and even WDA applications so you could call the existing Personal Profile from ESS from Fiori. This is similar to what we saw in HR Renewal where you would call back out to the WDA application. Of course, the downside of this is that WDA does not really play nicely with mobile devices. I think we will likely see some movement here as SAP moves more into Fiori and starts unifying more of the EC offerings as HANA S/4 and SuccessFactors continue to evolve.


Comment From Tanya Auckland Cou...

Hi, Is there any functionality available with HR Renewal for mass update of objects e.g. positions, vacancies, etc.?

Jacob Crane: Yes, there are ways to do this but you may find that you need to do a little work to tailor them to fit your needs. Using the FPM forms you can initiate a mass update process for multiple objects. This can then be given to the HR users. You do not need to use UI5 for this, but the underlying technology is part of HR Renewal.


Comment From Adam

Hi Jacob, two questions: From a customer perspective, what's been the biggest win after implementing HR Renewal / Fiori? And secondly, what's been your biggest challenge to date with this technology?

Jacob Crane: I think the biggest win is for customers to finally realize a mobile solution in Fiori.   Its been a long journey through the evolution of the mobile offerings in SAP and Fiori, being a free add-on with a smaller footprint than most of the previous offerings and being relatively easy to implement.   For a lot of customers that is something to be excited about. 
There were a lot of gains made with the earlier HR Renewal release due to the FPM forms offering an alternative to Adobe licenses, as well.  

As for the challenges, its been a bit of a learning curve, especially with the earlier pieces in HR Renewal and not without its hiccups and plenty of OSS notes, but its become much easier to work with as it has evolved.   Browser compatibility issues would probably be my number 1 challenge, though. 


Comment From Kamal

Hi Jacob, we separate URL to access for ESS from FIORI or from HR Renewal (NWbc html). Can we make it dynamic that ESS and MSS chips are hidden when opened from Mobile.

Jacob Crane: Hi Kamal. I have not seen this done and suspect that if you wanted to you would have to do some custom scripting. There isn’t anything in place to control content using URL aliases like you could in the portal that I am aware of. In Fiori everything is really based around your catalogue and groups of apps and these are then assigned at the role level.


Comment From Guest

How do you see the HR Renewal framework impacting future integration between current self-services and SuccessFactors?

Jacob Crane: That is a very good question and something that we’re all learning about as SAP and SuccessFactors evolve. They are, in many ways, still growing independently and, while the Fiori UI on both sides is doing more to unify the look and feel, we still don’t have a truly tight integration and unification of the applications.

As for as deployment, HR Renewal is really positioned to consume SuccessFactors content more so than SuccessFactors is to consume HR Renewal. Of course, SAP is pushing HANA cloud platform for pieces that cross over between both sides, but I don’t see HR Renewal really coming into play that much, outside of being a factor to consider when deciding to use the on-premise or cloud solutions.

Fiori is a bit of a wild-card here, as well. It will be interesting to see how far SAP goes with the development and if it eventually supplants the HR Renewal UI5 development. I think we will learn more as HANA S/4 takes off and we get a few more waves of the applications available.


Comment From Tanya

Are there any screen shots available with what other organisations are doing in the HR Renewal space?

Jacob Crane: It’s always frustrating trying to find good screenshots.  
Outside of some persistent Googling, the best bet is to check with implementation partners, check out customer presentations at conferences, or try some of SAP’s sites like
If you have anything in particular that you would like to see please send me an email and I’ll be happy to send some your way if I have them.

Molly Folan: Thank you to everyone who joined us for today’s chat. W0e’re looking forward to more on this topic in Jacob Crane’s  session “An Expert Guide to Exploiting Self-Service Functionality Delivered in HR Renewal” at SuccessConnect 2015 in Singapore in just a few weeks – September 8-9.

Thank you, Jacob, for joining us and taking time for this chat today.   We’ll see you in Singapore next month!

Jacob Crane: Thanks for having me and thanks to everyone for the great questions. If you have any additional questions you can email me at and I'll do my best to get some answers for you.

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