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Integrating SAP On-Premise Systems with SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

April 11, 2017

Join Customer Engagement & Commerce 2017 speaker Christian Matz for a live Q&A on the different integration scenarios and technical options.


Optimizing SAP CRM and SAP ERP Integration: Q&A on Improving Data Transfer, User Experience, and Customer Service

February 8, 2017

Customer Engagement & Commerce 2017 speaker Allen Roholt shares best practices and methodology needed to optimize your integration processes between SAP CRM and SAP ERP.


Techniques to Optimize Marketing Lead Management and Key Account Management Processes within SAP CRM

February 2, 2017

Join our live Q&A with Customer Engagement & Commerce 2017 speaker Dr. Ahmed Hezzah to get advice implementing and optimizing end-to-end sales and marketing processes within SAP CRM.


Optimize and Automate Your Configure-Price-Quote Processes in the Cloud: Live Q&A on Extending your SAP CRM and ERP Investments

November 17, 2015

FPX CEO Dave Batt answers questions on how to enhance and extend your SAP CRM and ERP investment by implementing a single Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) application in the cloud to optimize and automate all Quote-to-Order and Renewal Management business processes. MORE »»

The Internet of Things: How the Next Evolution of the Internet Is Changing Everything

April 9, 2015

In this online Q&A, IoT thought leaders Saj Kumar of SAP and Jerry Lucas of Cisco take readers' strategic and technical questions about IoT’s impact on your current processes; the planning, skills, and technical requirements to implement and manage IoT... MORE »»

Align Sales and Finance in Your SAP Systems: Q&A on Lead-to-Cash Integration to Shorten the Sales Cycle and Drive Revenue

December 10, 2014

Lead-to-cash integration aligns your sales processes – including quotes, discounting, and contracts – with SAP back-office financial accounting to drive revenue generation and shorter sales cycles.  Chris Lords and Dana Henriksen of FPX take readers’ lead-to-cash questions in this online... MORE »»

Tips for mobilizing your workforce and SAP processes: Q&A with Björn Nee

April 2, 2014

Despite the productivity gains of 24/7 mobility, only 16% of organizations allow employees to access backend ERP, CRM and HR processes on company devices – and what about BYOD?  Sitrion technology evangelist Bjorn Nee takes reader... MORE »»

Installing and configuring SAP Sales Manager on SAP Mobile Platform: Q&A with CRM 2014 speaker Sandeep Raina

by Sandeep Raina | February 12, 2014

CRM 2014 speaker Sandeep Raina of Fujitsu America takes readers questions on best practices for installing SAP Sales Manager with SAP Mobile Platform. Learn more about technical requirements and timelines for CRM mobile sales implementation and configuration... MORE »»

Preparing for SAP CRM mobile sales: Q&A on mobile CRM with Sandeep Raina of Fujitsu America (transcript)

by Amy Thistle | February 10, 2013

How can your organization prepare to deliver SAP CRM to your mobile sales team? What changes should you expect to see in CRM mobile sales deployments in terms of implementation effort, data management and look & feel? I recently moderated... MORE »»

SAP CRM data models & the one order framework: Q&A with Stephen Johannes (transcript)

by Kristine Erickson | August 3, 2013

SAP CRM’s “one order” framework is a significant departure from the SAP ERP data model. How does this shape your development and enhancement efforts? CRM consultant Stephen Johannes, author of the SAP PRESS book SAP CRM Technical Principles and Programming... MORE »»