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Optimize Your Supply Chain with SAP Solutions

October 4, 2017

Join SCM Optimization Bootcamp speakers Martin Rowan and David Carol to ask your questions and get expert advice on a wide range of supply chain optimization topics for SAP-centric organizations. 


Digitize & Transform Procure-to-Pay with SAP Ariba Solutions

August 3, 2017

Join experts from SAP and B4 Consulting for a live chat on SAP Ariba solutions.


Optimizing Supply Chain Visibility with SAP Transportation Management

February 9, 2017

Yangpeng Tan answers questions on getting the most out of SAP TM tools to support decision making and optimize carrier selection.


Key Integration Techniques to Take Advantage of an SAP-to-SAP EWM solution

February 1, 2017

Expert advice on the importance of gaining integration visibility between systems, and on how to leverage SAP EWM to simplify the process.


Maximize Supply Chain Transparency and Gain Control of Freight Spend with the Latest SAP TM Capabilities

September 22, 2016

Get answers to your most pressing questions on using the latest release of SAP TM, SAP Fiori tools, and SAP HANA together to drastically improve supply chain visibility, reduce freight costs, and meet customer service objectives. MORE »»

Meet Demand-Driven Scheduling Requirements with SAP ERP and SAP APO: Q&A on When to Use Which for Enhanced Supply and Production Planning

May 11, 2016

Join this live Q&A with Logistics and SCM, Manufacturing, Procurement, and PLM 2016 speaker Matthew Campbell to learn how — and when — to use SAP ERP and the PP/DS and SNP components of SAP APO to satisfy your organization’s... MORE »»

SAP Integrated Business Planning for Sales and Operations: Q&A on How to Optimize Demand and Supply Planning and Increase Profitability

April 27, 2016

Learn how SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations, running on the SAP HANA platform, can help you optimize your demand and supply planning by connecting processes, people/mindset, and IT. MORE »»

Next-generation inventory management: Q&A on optimizing inventory levels while improving customer service

March 2, 2016

In this Q&A, Logistics and SCM, Manufacturing, Procurement, and PLM 2016 speaker Tom Chason answers questions on how to use SAP APO, SAP Enterprise Inventory and Service-Level Optimization, and SmartOps solutions together to optimize inventory levels and processes, reduce data... MORE »»

The Latest on SAP Supply Chain Execution Solutions for Transportation and Warehouse Logistics

July 30, 2015

What is the latest on SAP solutions for supply chain execution with release 9.2? What is the practical impact on how your business can manage and streamline shipping, logistics and warehouse management. SCM 2015 Singapore speaker Dominik Metzger takes readers’... MORE »»

Optimizing SAP Tools for Supply Chain Analytics:
Q&A with SCM 2015 Speakers Tom Chason and Alan Hendry

May 14, 2015

What SAP tools are available to support a forward-looking supply chain analytics strategy? Supply chain experts  and SCM 2015 speakers Tom Chason and Alan Hendry take readers' questions on supply chain analytics for SAP systems. MORE »»