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Securing and Hardening SAP HANA

April 23, 2018

Learn how SAP HANA has changed how we use data and how to secure SAP HANA from the bottom up.


How Accounts Payable Can Improve Fraud Detection with Robotics and Machine Learning

February 8, 2018

Join experts from Hanse Orga and Dolphin experts to discuss how to optimize and centralize Accounts Payable and Payments processing to improve compliance and reduce the risk of fraud. MORE »»

Building a Bullet-Proof Cybersecurity Program with SAP Process Control and SAP Risk Management

December 20, 2017

Attend a Live Q&A with EY’s Natalie Reuss to find out how you can use SAP Process Control to manage and evaluate common vulnerability areas.


Past-to-Present SAP Access Management Best Practices

December 5, 2017

SAP and Security Weaver experts Sumit Sanga and Steve DuBravac share advice on the current and emerging best practices for SAP ERP access management and role design.


Securing SAP Systems

November 15, 2017

Join cybersecurity experts from Virtual Forge to find out how to secure your SAP landscape from cyber threats.


Cybersecurity Considerations for SAP Mobile Applications

October 12, 2017

Join us for a Live Q&A with Onapsis’ Juan Perez-Etchegoyen to get answers to your most pressing questions around SAP mobile security.


Protect Your SAP HANA Environment: Live Q&A on Security Best Practices

June 21, 2017

Join experts from Hitachi and SUSE for a live Q&A on security best practices for your SAP HANA environment after go-live.


Information Governance: Setting and Enforcing your Data Policy Decisions

March 21, 2017

Learn the basics of setting and enforcing data policy decisions and why this is critical for your business.


Proven Techniques and Strategies to Fortify Your SAP Landscape from Cybersecurity Threats

March 2, 2017

Join SAPinsider GRC 2017 speaker Peter Hobson for a deep dive into cybersecurity as it relates to your SAP landscape.


Live Q&A: Take the stress off your SAP Access Control 10.1 implementation

January 19, 2017

Get answers to your questions on SAP Access Control 10.1 implementations, from budget and personnel resources to common pain points and blueprinting best practices. MORE »»