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SAP Special Report: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer


January 1, 2010

Think about how we explore areas of interest with Google. Start with an inquiry. Get results. Gain insights, ideas, and perspective. Explore some more, this time asking new or more pointed and probing questions. There’s great value to be gleaned from this progression — this ability to acquire knowledge and challenge, change, and refine questions on the fly.

Most SAPinsider readers don’t interact with business data in this way. You get reports. You work with spreadsheets. You have a number of business intelligence (BI) tools. But a simple, fluid, and familiar Google-like exploration of information within your SAP and non-SAP systems? That’s not the norm.

That changes with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer.

To learn more, check out these three articles by thought leaders from SAP:

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With SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, Business Users Can Now Intuitively Access Data from Any Enterprise Source
Transform the Way Your Company Thinks About Business Intelligence
How SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Is Revolutionizing BI: 4 Industry Use Cases

Or, to download the complete special report on SAP BusinessObjects Explorer, click here.

Discover how SAP BusinessObjects Explorer revolutionizes the way companies use their business intelligence data. This special report also showcases industry use cases and examines enhanced SAP BusinessObjects Explorer capabilities for business users.

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