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SAP Special Report: IT Transformation Services


July 1, 2010

CIOs today are under more pressure than ever before. For the past decade, they’ve been fighting for a seat at the executive table, only to have a down economy erode the gains they’ve achieved over the past several years.

Despite having built a superior IT organization, the CIO now hears from the line of business: “We don’t care about integration or back-end processes. We need technology to increase revenue, and we need it now. But whatever you do, don’t let it cost too much.”

For the CIO, the challenges of managing a responsive, business-oriented IT organization are tremendous. So, your job is to help your boss, the CIO, make IT integral to the operation of the business so that it is viewed as a strategic partner, not an unavoidable cost center.

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IT organizations are under intense pressure: Today's CIOs are challenged to reduce IT complexity and infrastructure costs, yet increase operational efficiency at the same time. In this Special Report, SAP executives highlight how SAP's IT Transformation Services help IT meet these demands through three tiers—structural, operations, and technology.

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