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SAPinsider Special Report: Sustainability


July 1, 2010

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Accelerate Your Return on Sustainability
How Companies Can Leverage SAP’s Sustainability Ecosystem and Partner Solutions for Societal and Business Gains


Measuring the Progress of Your Green Strategy
A Guide for Companies in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry


Make Sustainability and Regulatory Compliance a Joint Effort
Achieve More Robust Product Lifecycle and Stewardship Capabilities


If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It
The Essential Role of Information Technology in Managing Sustainability Data


Your Strategic Roadmap to Sustainability Performance Management
A 7-Step, High-Performance Implementation Approach


A Smoother Approach to Sustainability Assurance
5 Pitfalls to Avoid


Wondering Where Your Sustainability Efforts Should Start?
Consider the Paperless Office Initiative for Quick Cost Savings and a Smaller Footprint


5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Profitability While Helping the Planet
StreamServe’s Guide to Sustainable, Document-Based Communications


Recognize — and Address — the Need for Green IT with HP’s Eco Solutions


Supercharge Your Environmental Liability Management Performance
5 Key Principles from ENFOS


The Key to Implementing EHS Compliance Solutions
4 Reasons Why Domain Knowledge Is Critical


Carbon Disclosure Project and SAP:
Turning Measurements into Actions


Why Carbon Matters: 4 Ways That Reducing Emissions Can Benefit Your Business

Companies that treat sustainability as only a compliance, PR, or philanthropic exercise shortchange themselves—sustainability programs afford companies not only societal and environmental benefits, but significant business gains as well. This Special Report identifies how you can leverage SAP’s robust ecosystem of sustainability partners, experts, and leading NGOs to get the most out of your sustainability investments.

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