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SAPinsider Special Report: Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure


April 1, 2011

The migration from the old world of physical servers to today’s virtualized data centers and virtual system landscapes is well underway — the challenge now is effectively managing all of the physical, virtual, and cloud-based layers in the enterprise. SAP’s Gunther Schmalzhaf kicks off this special report with a look at how SAP is developing enabling technology to facilitate this step for customers. In addition, you’ll hear from distinguished SAP partners about their unique virtualization and cloud offerings.

From Virtualization to Cloud Infrastructure

Visionary Service for the Future of Clouds

3 Common Misconceptions About Virtualization — and the Surprising Truth

Elevating the SAP Landscape to the Cloud

Beyond Virtualization: Leveraging Private Cloud Techniques to Transform Your SAP Environment

Choosing the Right Cloud Service Provider

Why Optimizing IT Operations Requires More Than Just Virtualization

Manage Your Virtualized SAP Environment More Efficiently

Better Operations, Smarter SAP Data Centers

The Real “Virtue” of Virtualization: Looking Beyond the Data Center

Run Your SAP Solutions Powered by Citrix Virtual Computing

The Evolved Role of Microsoft Hyper-V

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