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SAPinsider Special Report: Business Analytics


October 1, 2011

Business analytics — SAP's fastest growing and largest segment — is driving entirely new ways of doing business for customers. And the way in which companies can access this analytic information is changing too. Users can now access the information they want in the manner they choose, be it on-demand (in the cloud), on a phone or tablet, or on a desktop or laptop. In this special report, you'll learn about the trends driving the business analytics revolution and then drill down into several subsets of business analytics with articles that focus on BI, GRC, EPM, data warehousing, and EIM.

5 Game Changers Propelling SAP to the Billion-User Mark

Navigating the Ever-Changing World of Business Intelligence and Analytics

How the CFO of the Future Will Raise an Enterprise’s Intelligence

Intelligently Optimize Your Planning Processes

Be Gone, Disparate Solutions

Large File Transfers: A Loophole in Your Data Security Strategy

A One-Stop Shop for Gaining and Maintaining Control

Stop Fraud Before It Happens with Real-Time Analytics

A New Weapon in the Liquidity Management Fight

5 Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your EPM Implementation

SAP HANA: Unleash the Potential to Ask the Right Questions

How to Get the Most Out of Your SAP HANA Initiative

5 Common Data Migration Pitfalls

Enterprise Mobile Enablement: 4 Expert Considerations for Going Mobile

Change the Game with Mobile Analytics

Unlock the Full Potential of SaaS

Can You Win the War Against Data Volume Growth?

An Environment “Bursting” with Capacity

The Changing Face of the Cloud

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