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SAP Special Report: Mobile


April 1, 2012

The growth and enthusiasm around enterprise mobility today is unprecedented. In 2011, vendors shipped more smartphones (488 million) than PCs (415 million) for the first time, a clear indication that mobile computing is the way of the future.

While desktop PC growth is minimal, tablet device sales exploded last year, growing 274%. And within the enterprise, the tablet device is rapidly replacing the laptop as the technology of choice for the business road warrior. For SAP, the excitement and momentum around mobile technology has hit a fever pitch. In 2011, our mobile revenue grew to over €100 million on the strength of 3,000 mobile customers and an expanding list of partners. And we expect to grow exponentially in 2012.

SAP is optimistic about growing our mobile business because SAP is not simply a mobile app provider; we provide a complete, end-to-end mobile solution. The backbone of this solution is the robust and flexible SAP mobile platform, which enables the entire SAP ecosystem — partners, developers, and customers — to build targeted mobile solutions within their niches in weeks and months, not years.

To read the rest of this article, as well as several other articles about the evolving role of mobility and how SAP customers can take advantage of the mobility momentum, click the link below.

Mobile: The New Face of Engagement

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