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SAPinsider Special Report: Mobile Apps


April 1, 2013

At this point, the benefits of mobilizing your business are clear and most organizations have taken the first steps toward reaching that goal. Now it is important to focus on the next piece — finding the right enterprise mobile apps that fit your specific business needs. This special report, kicked off with an article from SAP's Bernd-Uwe Pagel, showcases high-quality mobile apps and explores app strategy tips that can help companies overcome their specific challenges and reach their mobile goals.

Find the Mobile App That Fits Your Unique Business Needs

Generate More Business and Revenue with an App Catered to Your Specific Pain Points

Place Enterprise Data at Your Customers' Fingertips with a Self-Service Mobile App

Building the Next Generation of Mobile Business Apps

Mobilizing Your Enterprise

Are You Ready for the Next Stage of Enterprise Mobility?

Taking Your Mobile Engagement to the Next Level

Move Past Old-Fashioned, Traditional Technology

Struggling to Track Your Critical Enterprise Asset Information?

The All-in-One App Family: Mobile Solutions for Sales, Purchasing, and Agreement Negotiations

Unleash the Power of Mobility in Your Service Organization

Energize Your Enterprise with Innovative Mobile Apps

3 Common Retail Campaign Problems, Solved

The Mobile Revolution Has Arrived — Don't Be Left Behind

3 Tips to Help You Squeeze the Last Drop Out of Your Mobile Investments

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