Special Report


GRC Guidebook: Strategies and Tools to Mitigate Risk

SAPinsider, Volume 15, Issue 4

October 1, 2014

Kevin McCollom, SAP Vice President and General Manager of GRC Solutions, kicks off this SAPinsider Special Report with an article that highlights the primary reason for becoming regulatory compliant: While the average cost of compliance for organizations is $3.5 million, the average cost of non-compliance-related problems is $9.4 million. By building a robust GRC platform and investing in the right resources, you can minimize these costs and comply with regulations. In additional articles, SAP partners provide you with specific tips on developing your GRC strategy, choosing solutions, or using the ones you have in place. Topics include the importance of data archiving, how to avoid cyber attacks, an exploration of risk management principles in banking, measures to achieve global access control, and security monitoring of SAP systems.

The Pressure Is On: Increasing Regulation Puts a Pinch on Risk and Compliance Teams

Paving the Road to Global SAP Security

Addressing New Banking Operational Risk Governance Standards with SAP Solutions for GRC

Maximize the Return on Investment from Your GRC Solutions

3 Key Elements to Bolster Your Risk Management Strategy

8 Tips to Achieve More Efficient Authorization Incident Management

Secure Your SAP Systems from Cyber Attacks

Prepare a Holistic, Long-Term GRC Strategy to Reduce Risks and Drive Efficiency

Building “Risk-Aware” Organizations

9 Deadly Security Risks to Avoid in Your SAP Landscape

Protect Your Company’s Lifeblood

Master GRC Project Documentation with SAP Solution Manager

Monitor Your SAP Systems to Identify Vulnerabilities — Before an Attacker Does

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