Special Report


Taking the Next Step with SAP HANA

SAPinsider, Volume 16, Issue 2

April 1, 2015

SAP HANA offers a powerful solution for organizations looking to run their business processes faster. But the real purpose behind SAP HANA is not just to run one application or line of business — it’s to use it to reimagine the business as a whole, from bringing new, innovative products and services to market, to innovating in the cloud. This special report explores the ways in which SAP HANA serves as a springboard for innovation for SAP customers. Steve Lucas, President of SAP Platform Solutions, opens the report with a look at how SAP HANA can radically simplify how an organization runs its business application, how it runs in the cloud, and how it capitalizes on macro-trends such as big data, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0. In the articles that follow, SAP partners continue this theme by exploring topics such as how to take SAP HANA to the cloud, how to transform analytics landscapes with SAP HANA, and how to ensure a successful SAP HANA deployment in modern customer landscapes.

The Fabric for Success: SAP HANA Spins Up Innovation

Taking SAP HANA to the Cloud: How Customers New and Old Can Benefit from SAP’s Latest Innovations

Maximize Plant and Product Performance with Enterprise-Wide Business Intelligence

Balance Credibility and Costs: Intelligent Combination of Disaster-Resilient Solutions and Development Environments Drives Business Innovation

Analytics Transformation Starts Within: How Organizations Can Achieve Greater Analytics Agility

How to Handle Today’s SAP Workloads: Distributed Architecture and Open-Source Software Power Modern Organizations

Ensuring SAP HANA Delivers: The Need for Functional and Performance Validation

Optimize Your SAP HANA Deployment with Scalable, Flash-Based Storage: How Flash Technology Is Transforming SAP HANA Economics and Performance

Maximize Your SAP Deployments with Large Memory Capacity and a Common Server Infrastructure

A Seamlessly Scalable Single-Node Infrastructure: Boosting Your Underlying Technology to Keep Up with Today’s Data Needs

The Next Revolution in Analytics — SAP S/4HANA: Reshape Business Processes On the Fly with Real-Time Insight

Harness the Potential of Unlimited Data Storage

SAP HANA Innovations Touch All Aspects of an Organization: SAP S/4HANA Is the Latest in a Long Line of Releases

From Business Enablers to Business Catalysts: CFOs Are Empowered by SAP Simple Finance

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