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Benchmarking SAP Systems: Top 10 Surprises

July 3, 2014

This video is hosted by SAPinsider and sponsored by REALTECH.

When you benchmark your SAP systems, you can objectively assess your IT environment and identify opportunities for optimization including:

  • Where to make changes to improve performance
  • How to safely reduce costs
  • The metrics required to build consensus on taking action

This video covers the 10 most common surprises SAP customers have reported from more than 4,000 benchmarking projects. Watch it now to learn:

  • How response time data can more accurately represent the user experience
  • How to use benchmarks to identify where to focus optimization efforts
  • The real benefit of archiving and compression
  • Why KPIs don’t necessarily help you achieve best practices
  • What to consider when evaluating outsourcing or moving into the cloud
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