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Live from the SAPinsider Studio: A discussion with Ashish Morzaria of SAP

An interview recorded live at BI-HANA 2014

June 2, 2014

Ashish Morzaria, SAP Director, Product Management and Business Intelligence, sits down for an interview with SAPinsider's Ken Murphy at the SAPinsider Studio during the BI 2014 event in Orlando, Florida. Morzaria discusses cloud analytics, and specifically SAP Lumira Cloud.

View the video, and read the edited transcript of this conversation with Ashish Morzaria here:

Ken Murphy, SAPinsider: Hi, this is Ken Murphy with SAPinsider, and I’m reporting live from SAPinsider’s BI and HANA 2014 event. Today I’m pleased to be joined by Ashish Morzaria, who’s the director of product management and business intelligence for SAP, who is here to talk to us about cloud analytics. Ashish, welcome.

Ashish Morzaria, SAP: Thank you.

Ken: So, first question I have, is the benefits of analytics, cloud analytics, excuse me, analytics in the cloud, vs. on-premise?

Ashish: Well, the cloud gives us a lot more options all of a sudden, we can be more agile, we can provision systems without having to wait for hardware, and now we can start doing a bunch of stuff we couldn’t do before as easily in the cloud. From a cost perspective also, we get rid of the upfront capital costs, and we can focus on actually trying to deploy the solution we’re going for.

Ken: And then what about specifically though, in the analytics space, in the cloud?

Ashish: Well, analytics is kind of cool in the sense that a lot more data is being generated in the cloud, so putting the processing right where the data is is very very important, and that’s in addition to the cost savings of actually having analytics and processing there, BI’s really processing-intensive, and having the combination of a large amount of processing and having the data there together, makes for incredible user experiences.

Ken: So with all that data, obviously everybody hears about one of the benefits of the cloud is elasticity, but in analytics, is that true as well, you have the ability to scale up or scale down?

Ashish: Yeah, definitely. I mean, so, you do have the ability to scale up, scale down, so at the end of the quarter we do have customers who turn new nodes on, and in some cases you can even have the existing nodes and add more power or less power in terms of CPU, so you don’t even have to change the number of nodes, you can just change the amount of power you give each one of those nodes, and then turn it down to save costs.

Ken: So, a question on everyone’s mind obviously, with the cloud, is security. And with analytics especially, talking about volumes of data, could you talk to me about security concerning analytics?

Ashish: Sure. So I mean, the neat thing about security for the cloud is that there’s so much more scrutiny for security because of all the worries that there’s a lot more in terms of audit, physical security, network security, data storage level security, all of these things are actually thought about more than in an on-premise environment, where you just assume it’s inside your firewall and therefore it’s safe. So we’re actually seeing quite a few customers you normally wouldn’t expect in industries like finance and healthcare that are deploying our solutions in the cloud, and in some cases they’re actually ahead of everybody else, because there’s been that much scrutiny to cloud security.

Ken: So lastly, just curious, if anything I can do on premise in the business intelligence, can I also do in the cloud?    

Ashish: Absolutely, I mean, our BI 4.0 infrastructure can be hosted on-prem, in the cloud, or even in a hybrid scenario, same with our new product, Lumira. And in fact, we have Lumira Cloud, Lumira Cloud is built on the HANA cloud platform and allows you to actually have all the benefits of a Lumira, HANA-based application, without actually deploying HANA, so in fact there’s some things you can do in the cloud you can’t even do on-prem. And so people who want to go check that out can go to and sign up for a free account, and they can get the power of HANA without having to buy one.

Ken: Ok, great. Well, a lot of good information, a lot to consider, Ashish, thanks for joining us,

Ashish: Thank you very much.

Ken: Again, this is Ken Murphy with SAPinsider, reporting live from SAPinsider’s BI 2014 and HANA 2014 events.

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