Live from the SAPinsider Studio: Michael Haase on HANA 2014

A one-on-one interview recorded live at HANA 2014

May 5, 2014

Michael Haase, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Symmetry, stops by the SAPinsider studio at HANA 2014 to give an overview of Symmetry and provide his impressions of the HANA 2014 event.

View the video, and read the edited transcript of this conversation with Michael Hase here:

Ken Murphy, SAPinsider: Hi, this is Ken Murphy, with SAPinsider, reporting live at SAPinsider’s BI and HANA 2014 event. Pleased to be joined by Michael Haase, who’s the EVP of sales and marketing for Symmetry. Michael, welcome.

Michael Haase, Symmetry: Thanks for having me.

Ken: So, can you just tell us a little about Symmetry?

Michael: Sure. Symmetry’s an SAP hosting and managed service partner, specializing in creating value for organizations through outsourcing of Basis and security operations, as well as hosting HANA environments and cloud environments as well.

Ken: I understand you had some sessions here at this conference, can you tell us a little bit about what you presented?

Michael: Sure. I’m excited to have some sessions here, several—four of them, actually; reducing complexity through technical operations and implementations, introduction to the HANA world, what to experience when thinking cloud hosting and HANA, so, yeah, some great opportunities for us.

Ken: And your guys are also exhibitors here, what are you hearing from prospects, what are people asking about?

Michael: Yeah, there’s great buzz and energy in the show, I think the technology wave, constant messaging around HANA and the adoption of HANA, we’ve been hearing it for a year or two now and it seems to be taking off with great energy so a lot of conversations very technically around there, as well as the BI components to the show, customers really looking to engage in software more, you know again, driving value and return for their organizations.

Ken: All right, great, well Michael, thanks for stopping by to chat.

Michael: Thanks for having me.

Ken: Again, this is Ken Murphy from SAPinsider, reporting live from SAPinsider’s BI and HANA 2014 event.   

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