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Hans Thalbauer SCM 2015 Keynote: Transforming Supply Chains to Meet New Demands for Customer Centricity and Speed

April 9, 2015


Watch the keynote presented by Hans Thalbauer, SVP of Extended Supply Chain, SAP, from the Logistics and SCM 2015, Manufacturing 2015 and Procurement 2015 conference in Las Vegas.

Customers increasingly expect products to be individualized to their unique specifications and to be delivered on demand. How does an extended supply chain — from design and manufacturing to logistics and opera­tions – meet the demands of customer centricity, personalized products, speed, and responsiveness?

Thalbauer takes the viewer step-by-step through the key elements for how to transform the supply chain into a product and demand network that connects products, assets, and manufacturing to product networks. This includes details on:

  • 5:00 - Customer centricity and the importance to, as Thalbauer says, "Understand demand at the most granular level possible ... for every city, not just for a region or on an aggregated view". With the customer at the center, the role of the supply chain professional is now predicated on understanding customer demands at a never-before seen level of customization.
  • 7:40 - Personalized solutions as a "major, major trend" across industry, driven in part by 3D printing. This requires a strong foundation for product data that connects in real-time with manufacturing, sales, asset management, and supply chain.
  • 12:30 - An increased focusing on not just delivering product, but in actually "Improving people's lives" through Internet of Things (IoT) and the speed with which organizations are now fulfilling individualized customer demands.

The keynote includes discussion of how the SAP HANA platform fits into this vision for Product and Demand Networks; the role of Ariba networks, hybris, and Fieldglass; and the place of technologies including IoT, advanced analytics, and cloud. Thalbauer wraps up (1:20:30) with a discussion of the planned and future capabilities for Demand Networks, Product Networks, and IoT.

Watch the keynote for demos and customer stories from:

21:00:  Gebr. Heinemann on using supply chain innovation to meet high on-time delivery performance and achieve the speed needed to fulfill demand.

27:20 Tate & Lyle on using Recipe Management and other solutions to target regional tastes and local markets

31.30 Hamburg Port Authority’s use of IoT for managing port traffic and scheduling

43:30: Demo on Demand Networks by Richard Howells, VP of Go To Market – Extended Supply Chain, Solution Management, SAP

56:50: Demo on product networks in action, including SAP Manufacturing Execution, by PLM & Visual Enterprise Solution Manager Mark Landrosh

1:05:32: Demo on IoT for utilities  

1:11:08: Bose customer story

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