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Live from SAPinsider Studio: T. Lawrie Consulting on SAP Solution Manager 7.2

December 21, 2015

Teren Lawrie of T. Lawrie Consulting visits with SAPinsider Studio during the SAPinsider Managing Your SAP Projects 2015 event in Las Vegas to discuss the release of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and what it means for customers.

This is an edited transcript of the discussion:

Ken Murphy, SAPinsider: Hi, this is Ken Murphy with SAPinsider, and I’m here at the SAPinsider Managing Your Projects conference as well as the SAP Fiori Bootcamp. Today, I am pleased to be joined by Teren Lawrie who is the director of T. Lawrie Consulting. Teren, thanks for joining us.

Teren Lawrie, T. Lawrie Consulting: Thank you Ken.

Ken: Please tell our viewers a little bit about T. Lawrie Consulting.

Teren: T. Lawrie Consulting specializes in the Solution Manager applications, like ITSM, Change Management, Test Management and Technical Monitoring as well as the solutions deployment, helping with road-mapping and understanding all the SAP tools that are available as well as applications.

Ken: A lot of people are talking about the upcoming release of Solution Manager 7.2. Is that one of the main reasons that brought you here to this event? What questions are you hearing from your clients, and what do you hope to take away from this event?

Teren: Absolutely. That is one of the special reasons I came here, to understand what Solution Manager 7.2 was making available, as well as what the requirements are from a standpoint of upgrading and preparing so there is some great information that I got namely in preparing for Solution Manager 7.2 and how the activation of the solution documentation area is going to be important, and how my clients are going to have to get prepared for that specific event.

Ken: Can you address one or two specifics on the bigger picture things that preparation entails?

Teren: Specifically in the solution documentation area, setting up all their business process documentation, their business process steps, their test scripts. Ensuring that they have everything – as far as their projects, a lot of my clients have allowed their Solution Manager system to get mucked up with a lot of irrelevant information so this is a way to clean up and to understand what is going to be relevant going forward. And in that way, activate only what’s important and have – as SAP puts the term single source of truth – so what applications are actually running and support documentation to support that?

Ken: What do you think is going to be the key differences or upgrades with new functionality with 7.2?

Teren: One of the things is the new release delivery functionality within the Change Management process. The second is the business process modeling; a lot of the clients are looking at the multiple steps, there was a limitation of three steps in the scenario and then the business process steps. So right now SAP is allowing us to expand that. And also the new web-based front-end for the design tool, so that is something that customers are going to look forward to utilizing.

Ken: With Solution Manager we hear a lot about the SAP Run Like a Factory methodology. What does that mean in the context of SAP HANA, cloud, or some of these other new technologies as it pertains to Solution Manager?

Teren: A lot of our customers are looking at how can they better facilitate their day-to-day operations. So that it is running efficiently, and with SAP’s new tool like HANA and the cloud applications, they’re available to institute business solutions quicker as well as trial them before they spend a lot of money. And that’s what the new HANA Enterprise Cloud allows them to do as well as the other cloud-based applications, to trial before they actually define specific projects and assign money to it.

Ken: And lastly are there any other key takeaways that you’re hoping to take away from this event to bring back to your clients?

Teren: I’m quite interested in Fiori and understanding HANA more and the recent announcement of SAP Cloud for Analytics and understanding how that fits in and how my customers can leverage that.

Ken: A lot to consider.

Teren: Yes, every day there’s a lot going on in the SAP world.

Ken: Teren, thanks for joining us.

Teren: Thank you Ken.

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