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Steve Lucas on S/4HANA, Cloud, Lumira, and the Birth of SAP HANA

SAPinsider 2015 Conference Keynote from Nice

June 22, 2015

Steve Lucas, President, SAP Platform Solutions, SAP,  masterfully incorporates lemurs and ostriches, Jurassic World, and Uber into this keynote presentation from SAPinsider’s annual conference from Nice, France. A few highlights:

  • On reimagining data systems – along with architecture, data warehouses, data management tools, master data management, and predictive systems (12:00) that come with it: “Here’s where the evil in the architecture begins…”
  • On the origins of SAP HANA: “How can we create something fundamentally different… in the enterprise stack so you wouldn’t need all of that? And that is where SAP HANA was born… It had everything to do with the absurdity…of continuing to copy data [without solving] a single business problem… to condense and simplify the enterprise stack into something manageable.”
  • On where SAP is headed (19:00): “ ’All in’ on the cloud.”

Lucas also shared thoughts on the state of SAP’s relationships with partners and the future of the ecosystem (19:54), introduced SAP’s connected business network (21:25), and provided a roadmap of SAP’s new analytics landscape and visualization options (23:31) along with S/4HANA (28:45).

Watch this keynote for demos on:

  • S/4HANA and the Boardroom of the Future (29:00), showcasing the Smart Business, Executive Edition solution.
  • A product planning tool for SAP customer AMG (35:05) – plus trends for analytics with event stream processing technologies.
  • HANA Cloud Platform (40:40). “SAP is in the platform as a service business. [PaaS] is simply this: a platform that allows you to build applications in the cloud.… If you have an existing SAP system [and] wanted to build an app…you can use the HANA cloud platform to accomplish it in a manner of hours or days.” Demo of customizing an app with Fiori, Web IDE, on the HANA Cloud Platform starts at 44:13.
  • Capturing streaming data, collecting driving data (47:56), plus discussion of SAP sensor and IoT technology.
  • Lumira visualization plug-in (59:59) based on Google Analytics.

Which solution is "full of love and sugar"? Watch this keynote replay for the answer, and to learn more in this high-energy take on technology, disruption, market forces, and SAP’s road ahead.

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