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Live from SAPinsider Studio: David Ludlow on Cloud Lessons for Customers from HR 2015

March 6, 2015

David Ludlow, Group Vice President, SAP Labs, shares insights from his discussions with SAP customers at HR 2015 on moving to the cloud, including: 

  • Understanding the least disruptive move to the cloud
  • Evaluating the state of current HR solutions and how that impacts next steps
  • Concerns about security and data privacy
  • Taking a modular approach to cloud adoption

A couple of notable points from his interview from the conference in Las Vegas:

On cloud security:   

Many customers have concerns about data privacy, security, all those different aspects of keeping that information secure. But if you think about it, the cloud has been around for a long time in HR, and it’s not just with HR vendors like SuccessFactors, but it’s in payroll outsourcing.… Payroll is really one of the most sensitive areas of all of HR data. Customers have been doing this … for a while…

This is one of the benefits, I think, that cloud brings to organizations in the HR area. We take responsibility as cloud vendors for data privacy, for security. We obviously have to maintain and deliver that security… on behalf of all of our customers. So in some ways, we are as good as any of our customers, if not better, because we’re having to do it for 4,000 customers we have in the cloud.

On a starting point for core SAP customers:

You can implement Performance Management without implementing Learning. You can implement Recruiting without implementing the core HR system called Employee Central. So it’s very modular, which means customers can start where they have the biggest pain points or need the fastest return, and then build up the longer-term blueprint for where they need to go and when they need to get there…  

We can enable customers … to really look at that landscape: My core HR on-premise may be working absolutely fine, and that’s not my biggest pain point. I may be interested in Recruiting, I may be interested in Performance Management, Compensation, whatever it might be. That’s one of the unique things we offer is this ability to – especially for SAP customers continue to leverage those typically very significant investments that they made in those on-premise solutions and get started with the cloud with, say,
Performance Management, Recruiting.

But once again, we give them the opportunity to start and focus on where they have the biggest pain point and need the fastest return.

View the entire interview for more insights from David Ludlow on his discussions with customers from HR 2015.

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