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A Guide to the Modern Digital Transformation

Hitachi Vantara CTO Paul Lewis on a Data-Centric Approach

March 29, 2018

Many SAP customers are at somewhat of an infrastructure crossroads. While they have substantial investments in highly customized on-premise legacy systems, they realize the future will more than likely entail a migration to the cloud and SAP S/4HANA to more readily connect to new data sources and emerging technologies. In short, digital transformation has serious repercussions for the infrastructure, and organizations must make important decisions on the best way forward.

To find out where SAP customers stand on making those decisions as they embark on their digital journeys, Hitachi Vantara recently commissioned an insiderResearch survey of existing SAP customers. Findings provided a fascinating customer viewpoint on their current state, objectives, and challenges to becoming digital innovators.

To dig deeper into the digital journey, SAPinsider recently sat down with Hitachi Vantara Chief Technology Officer Paul Lewis for a video interview at Hitachi Vantara’s New York City office. In this video, Lewis explains the implications that occur when an organization adopts a data-centric mindset and treats data as an asset rather than a side effect. There are, he says, certain key tenants of a modern digital transformation that organizations must be mindful of as they plot a digital course. These include data center modernization initiatives, exploring verticalization opportunities, and evolving data management strategies that recognize data as a strategic asset.

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After watching the video, read the full interview with Paul Lewis and download the full report, “Seizing the Digital Advantage: Where SAP Customers Are in Forging a Path to Transformation.” 


Data Centricity and a Modern Digital Transformation: Paul Lewis, Chief Technology Officer at Hitachi Vantara, defines what a successful data strategy for digital transformation looks like, shares the steps to take to get there, outlines the goals for digitizing the enterprise, and discusses the trend toward verticalization. Read Now>>>


Seizing the Digital Advantage: Hitachi Vantara commissioned an insiderRESEARCH survey of existing SAP customers with at least $1 billion in annual revenue. This research paper explores the considerations customers face in integrating complex IT infrastructures with new data sources and technologies to leverage digital trends. Download today to see the findings>>>

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