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Improving Customer Experience Through Automated Order Processing in an SAP Environment

Sponsored by Esker

Date: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Time: 2:00 pm ET/ 11:00 am PT

Duration: 60 minutes (including Q&A)


Steve Smith
US Chief Operating Officer,
Esker Inc.

In a customer-savvy business environment where competitors are only a click away, a positive customer experience is crucial for your business — particularly when it comes to order management. With customers expecting faster delivery of error-free orders, issues stemming from manual order processing practices can quickly translate into unhappy customers and lost profits. Organizations with SAP landscapes can avoid these risks by using automated order management to increase operational efficiency and provide an enhanced customer experience. 

In this webinar, you will discover how automation of fax, email, and EDI exception sales orders in your SAP environment can address root inefficiencies in the order-to-cash cycle. You will learn how to align cross-functional teams and systems to streamline the customer experience and enable your organization to: 
  • Generate new revenue streams 
  • Free staff from transactional duties 
  • Ensure timely and accurate order fulfillment 
  • Bring visibility to the entire order-to-cash cycle 

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