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A call for real-time security alerts: Continuous threat and vulnerability monitoring for your SAP system

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Date: Thursday, November 9, 2017

Time: On Demand

Duration: 60 minutes


Ivan Mans
Co-founder and chief technical architect,

Enterprise software is the backbone of your organization, and the impact of a cyber attack could be a disaster. In this webinar, learn how attackers, both outside and inside your organization, could access your most prized data, and how you can address potential vulnerabilities and configure your system to ensure that security events are being properly logged. 

In this webinar:
  • Get an  understanding of an attack pattern and find out how a sequence of harmless activities can result in a security breach
  • Learn how SAP records system activity and gain tips on how to configure your audit logging
  • Explore methods to gain insight into suspicious activities occurring across your entire SAP landscape, and how to immediately identify breaches and react in real-time to prevent critical damage to your business
  • Discover how the white spot on the security map, your SAP applications, can integrate with your security operation center
  • Learn about what you can do to continuously bolster SAP cybersecurity beyond patching vulnerabilities 
  • Sit in the passenger seat for a demonstration of an “ethical hack” on an SAP system

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