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Cybersecurity Collection 2018

10 resources to help you reinforce your organization’s SAP landscape and fortify against continually evolving cyber threats

August 28, 2018

This white paper is hosted by SAPinsider and sponsored by Cybersecurity for SAP Customers 2018

The threat matrix for SAP customers is continually evolving, and modern organizations need to be on the cutting edge of cybersecurity readiness to effectively handle the threats associated with today’s digital economy. To help, SAPinsider has assembled ten popular pieces for SAP cybersecurity professionals. They provide both strategic and tactical insights for SAP customers to strengthen cybersecurity initiatives and protect their most critical data and assets. Articles include:

  • The Evolution of Security Concerns
    by Andrea Haynes
  • On-Premise vs. The Cloud: Chapter 1 from SAP in the Cloud: Security Essentials
    by Michael Patrick Daniels, Mary Hunt, and Anthony Petta
  • Risk Management and Security Standards: Chapter 2 from SAP in the Cloud: Security Essentials
    by Michael Patrick Daniels, Mary Hunt, and Anthony Petta
  • Proven Techniques and Strategies to Fortify Your SAP Landscape from Cybersecurity Threats
    Q&A with GRC 2017 Speaker Peter Hobson
  • False Sense of Security: Why Your Antivirus Doesn’t Protect Your SAP System
    by Joerg Schneider-Simon
  • Cybersecurity and Digital Business: How SAP is Addressing the Security Needs of a Digital World
    by Scott Priest
  • Integrated Security Solutions to Mitigate Risks on All Fronts: How SAP’s GRC and Security Framework Protects Companies in the Digital Age
    by Thomas Frénéhard
  • How to Protect Your Data from Today’s Biggest Cybersecurity Threats: Q&A on Managing Security in Your SAP Landscape
  • Secure Your SAP Landscape with SAP Solution Manager 7.2: 5 Integrated Applications to Help Protect Business-Critical SAP Systems from Cyberattacks
    by Aman Dhillon
  • An Integrated Approach to GRC: How Today’s Risks Are Best Addressed by the 3 Lines of Defense
    by Kevin McCollom
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