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Digital Transformation with SAP: An Executive Guide

September 19, 2018

This white paper is hosted by SAPinsider and sponsored by SUSE.

The term “digital transformation” has captured the imagination of technologists and business people alike. The question is: Why? As this e-book explores, it has everything to do with an increasingly digital economy. Today, businesses are at a new juncture, and the ease with which new technologies can be combined has increased dramatically. This makes it easier to spin out new business models that use these technologies. Untested upstarts can now enter your market with new business ideas and take away your customers.

Businesses that want stay ahead of the competition need to keep up with the latest trends and to understand the need for digital transformation. SUSE and SAP have been partners for almost 20 years, and this e-book draws on their experience together to help you thrive in a digital economy.

Read this e-book to learn how to navigate in this fast-moving digital revolution. Topics include:

  • The technology and business landscape in a digital economy
  • The main areas of focus in a move to adoption of the new technologies
  • How to respond to the tremendous opportunities as well as the risks of this transformation
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Suchendra Kulkarni

10/22/2018 11:37:42 PM

Thanks for the concise information. Very well packaged .