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8 Questions to Ask Before Upgrading Your GRC Platform

August 7, 2018

Read this  whitepaper to explore the eight questions that businesses should answer when determining their GRC platform strategy.


Plotting the Intelligent Enterprise Journey

August 3, 2018

This white paper explores the drivers and reasons to implement an Intelligent Enterprise data strategy and architecture, including creating disruptive business models, responding to individual customer needs in a more efficient way, and providing actionable intelligence and predictive insights. 

SAP S/4HANA Optimizes IT Costs While Driving Better Business Outcomes – (Forrester)

August 1, 2018

This white paper identifies the cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk factors that affect the investment decision of SAP S/4HANA. MORE »»

Top 4 Reasons to Adopt RFID IoT on the Cloud

July 24, 2018

Read this whitepaper to learn about the challenges with on-premise RFID infrastructures and how IoT services on a cloud platform can take care of all aspects of device, user, and application management, as well as back-end integration. 


Automating Fax, Email and EDI Orders into SAP Systems

June 28, 2018

Learn how order processing automation can help free-up staff to work on more value-added responsibilities‚ maximize your SAP investment‚ and benefit your business by satisfying your customers and staff. MORE »»

10 Building Blocks for Effective IDoc Management

June 12, 2018

In this white paper, you will learn 10 steps you can take to streamline IDoc management with automation, and in turn eliminate hours of work and prevent user errors.

SAP BI and SAP HANA Collection 2018

May 25, 2018

12 articles to help you better utilize, manage, and run SAP BI and SAP HANA solutions. MORE »»

GDPR Digest

May 23, 2018

Resources to help you plan and optimize your GDPR compliance initiatives MORE »»

GDPR Action Plan: Discover, Manage, Protect and Report

May 22, 2018

Download this white paper to understand and overcome the issues you face in the wake of GDPR. MORE »»

Accounts Payable Field Guide for SAP Users: How to Treat the Top 5 Pain Points in Your AP Team

May 11, 2018

This white paper pinpoints the five top AP processing roadblocks and then suggests best practices to remove them. MORE »»