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Quick Tip: How to Configure and Explore Date-Based Data Within Explorer 4.1 Information Spaces

by Adam Getz, Manager, Business Intelligence, CSRA

Learn basic concepts of SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1. With these easy to follow step-by-step instructions, learn how to configure date-based data within an Explorer 4.1 information space so that date-based data can be displayed... MORE »»

Data is the Key to the Intelligent Enterprise


This fifth article in the Intelligent Enterprise series emphasizes the importance of the application of smart analytic technology to the vast amounts of data accumulated daily. Recognizing data as a key asset and deriving insights from it are the key... MORE »»

SAPinsider Magazine | Issue 2 | 2018

The latest issue of SAPinsider has been published and you can download the full issue here.

 MORE »»

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3 Use Cases for Blockchain in the Supply Chain

by Kevin Guiliano, Analyst, Digital Supply Chain Management

SAPinsider Unveils New Research and Content Strategy for 2019

by Rizal Ahmed, EVP Research, Digital Core and Intelligent Technologies, SAPinsider

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