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Turn Any-Sized Data Volume into Business Value

Ivo B thumbnail image by Ivo Bauermann, Head of Product Strategy, SAP HANA & Analytics, SAP

Data volumes today are growing exponentially due to the various ways that data is being produced — with more and more information arriving into hybrid environments of on-premise and cloud systems from various ERP solutions, data lakes, customer feedback via... MORE »»

Delivery Hero Drives Automation and Scale with SAP Software

Delivery Hero thumbnail image by Craig Himmelberger, Contributing Writer

In the competitive global food-delivery industry, a new business needs to be nimble and fast to establish itself and thrive. Delivery Hero is one such company, which came on the scene in 2011 and grew to process more than three... MORE »»

Adapting for Success in the "Outcome Economy"

outcome economy thumbnail image by Joe Mullich, Contributing Writer

The high-tech industry has developed a strong affinity for the mantra the “outcome economy” in response to the shift toward selling outcomes rather than quantities. In this article, learn how high-tech company Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is focused on delivering... MORE »»

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