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Quickly Resolve SAP HANA Authorization Errors and Issues

by Kehinde Eseyin, Security Architect

See how to activate tracing to resolve authorization errors in SAP HANA. You then can troubleshoot authorization errors related to repository role activation, SQL privileges, and analytical privileges.

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Speed Up Repository Object Synchronization with a New BAdI

by Gitu Bijlani, Senior Developer, SAP Labs, India Pvt. Ltd.

Learn about a Business Add-In (BAdI) that is a new feature introduced in SAP Access Control 10.0 (Support Package 24) and 10.1 (Support Package 15) for customizing the way the standard Repository object synchronization program works. Users on lower... MORE »»

Column Level Security in SAP HANA

by Abhijit Ingale, SAP Analytics Technical Architect, Tata Consultancy Services

Big data technologies offer a huge opportunity to organizations to consolidate data from a variety of data sources and derive meaningful insights from it that can help in achieving business growth. With this opportunity,... MORE »»

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