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Piecing Together a Successful Digital Transformation

In this interview, Adaire Fox-Martin recounts her initial entrance into the IT industry and lessons she learned at different stages of her career. She discusses technological changes she has seen in various regions of the world and explains how she strives to help SAP’s customers reach a successful outcome as ... MORE »

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SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud and the Path to Operational Efficiency

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP’s private managed cloud solution, gives customers the opportunity to run SAP workloads on SAP S/4HANA and take advantage of cutting-edge technology. For Canadian General-Tower (CGT) — a world leader in coated fabrics and containment materials — making the switch to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud was a ... MORE »

Robotic Process Automation — Hype or Real Business Value?

With the digital economy demanding more speed, accuracy, and transparency than ever before, organizations need to rethink business processes and find greater paths to efficiency. Robotic process automation (RPA) helps companies eliminate repetitive data management tasks — such as invoice processing, journal entries, and pricing changes — in exchange for ... MORE »

Supply Chains Are Key to Profitability

Without a way to measure the success of its supply chain strategy, your organization’s profitability could be in jeopardy, along with its status among competitors. A forward-thinking plan that measures key elements of the supply chain’s performance and is aligned to the business is a must. Companies can ensure their ... MORE »

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Cardinal Health Enhances Trust in Products, Services, and Processes with Automated Regression Testing and Robotic Process Automation

With millions of patients, pharmacies, and hospitals relying on its healthcare services and products, Cardinal Health employs an IT landscape consisting of thousands of SAP and non-SAP applications running countless business processes to conduct its business. To uphold stringent quality standards, improve operations, and provide necessary maintenance and business process testing, the ... MORE »

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CorpFlex Takes Its Customers Beyond the Server

Gone are the days when retailers could forecast inventory based on previous actuals and manufacturers could absorb unplanned production downtime by artificially inflating stock levels. In today's digital age, the abillity of companies to provide exemplary customer service in a digital environment is now tied to the performance and availability ... MORE »

Southwire Powers Up with Analytics to Redesign User Roles
Southwire Powers Up with Analytics to Redesign User Roles

Preventing access risk and ensuring regulatory compliance are top priorities for any business, and cable and wire manufacturer Southwire Company, LLC, understands how analytics are required to successfully achieve these goals. Concerned that access-related risks were unacceptably high, Southwire embarked on a multi-phased project that aimed to remove, reduce, and ... MORE »

Solve the Top 5 Master Data Challenges Through Automation

How a company's master data is processed can determine the overall success of the business. If left ungoverned or unautomated, companies cannot realize the full potential of their information and risk missing game-changing insights that could launch them ahead of competitors. Read this article to learn how business teams can get the most out ... MORE »

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Are Outdated Testing Methods Holding Up Your Software Deployments?

In introducing new and innovative software as part of a digital transformation, organizations can no longer rely on outdated testing methods that have a tendency to slow digital initiatives. Rather, an automated continuous testing approach is needed to keep pace with DevOps and Agile software development methodologies and complex SAP ... MORE »

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Simplify Running SAP HANA

SAP recently announced a new certification for SAP HANA on hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to provide more choices for its customers, helping them to reduce costs and complexity while realizing the value of SAP HANA. Learn how Nutanix has partnered with SAP to help demonstrate that, with minimal overhead, virtualized SAP ... MORE »

Consumption-Based SAP Cloud Platform Experience Delivers Agility and Full Transparency into Usage

At the beginning of a new project, it can be difficult for IT departments to predict sizing requirements with complete certainty. This drives companies toward more flexible cost models that allow software to be available sooner and with greater scalability. Learn how a new consumption-based experience for SAP Cloud Platform ... MORE »

Get Ready to Automate

New tax rules and a historic US Supreme Court ruling, South Dakota v. Wayfair, are rapidly changing the tax regulation landscape. The complex compliance requirements of Wayfair, which allows states to collect sales taxes on certain out-of-state transactions, are leading many companies to investigate integrating automated sales tax solutions within their SAP ... MORE »

What to Expect from the Move to Linux

Companies looking to benefit from SAP HANA need to migrate their operating system to a Linux platform before they can implement the in-memory database. And while this implementation may sound difficult, it doesn’t need to be: By adequately planning and using the proper tools and training, companies can move to ... MORE »

Tap into the Rise of the Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Analytics for SAP S/4HANA

In today’s digital economy, an organization’s most valuable asset is data. As new technologies emerge — artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, advanced analytics, and blockchain — companies must also evolve their business to keep pace. Hear how SAP Analytics for SAP S/4HANA can help organizations transition to smarter processes and discover ... MORE »

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Keeping the Focus on the Customer in the Midst of Digital Transformation

SAPinsider interviews SAP Chief Operating Officer (COO) Christian Klein in this exclusive Q&A. Klein touches on his background, his start with SAP, SAP's own digital transformation journey, and the harmonization of the customer experience as one of the key objectives of the Intelligent Enterprise. 


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