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SAPinsider Magazine: The Inside Edge for SAP Customers Worldwide (Issue 1, 2019)

Access the latest insights from SAPinsider in this digital edition of the magazine, which includes articles that offer best practices, such as how to avoid cyber attackers targeting your SAP applications and how to transform your business in the era of intelligence; case studies of companies pursuing digital transformations with ... MORE »

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Watch Out for Cyber Attackers Targeting Your SAP Applications

Business-critical ERP applications run the economy by managing the sensitive and all-important data and processes of large global organizations. Because of the processes these applications support, SAP customers store their “crown jewels” here. The massive attack surface of these applications leaves them exposed to insider and outsider threats – such ... MORE »

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How HarrisLogic Is Breaking Down Barriers to Mental Health Care with SAP HANA

During the digitization of the medical world, the mental health field was virtually passed over. To fill this gap, HarrisLogic develops technology platforms for the behavioral healthcare field to help its users identify the workflow of mentally ill individuals moving through the system and ensure no one gets lost in ... MORE »

RPA: Promise vs. Reality
RPA: Promise vs. Reality

While automating manual processes with robotic process automation (RPA) is great in theory, the reality is that RPA has been a mix of success and disappointment in many organizations. Those succeeding with RPA tend to take a holistic approach, while those experiencing disappointment tend to use generic tools. Learn about ... MORE »

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VINCI Energies Becomes “Future Ready” with 10-Month Program to Innovate with SAP S/4HANA

Due to its aggressive acquisition strategy, professional services company VINCI Energies – which has already grown to 77,500 employees spread throughout more than 1,000 global companies – needed an updated ERP program and IT strategy to integrate its new companies into the fold as quickly and easily as possible. To ... MORE »

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VINCI Energies Simplifies Employees’ Lives with New Timesheet-Entry Application

On the heels of its migration to SAP S/4HANA, professional services company VINCI Energies wanted to extend the new functionality with a new application for employee timesheet entry that would replace former manual, paper-based processes. Learn how the business designed and developed the online app using SAP Cloud Platform, and ... MORE »

Tracing Cisco’s Blueprint for a Successful SAP Data Center
Tracing Cisco’s Blueprint for a Successful SAP Data Center

The traditional data center model is being expanded by a host of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, data streaming, social media, and machine learning. To adapt to this new world, and to take full advantage of the latest technologies, companies must consider a data center transformation. But ... MORE »

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Discovery, Inc. Debuts New Financial Processes

Three billion people across 230 countries currently consume lifestyle entertainment from Discovery, Inc. — a company that creates more than 8,000 hours of original programming in 50 languages each year and distributes television and digital content globally. After experiencing fast domestic and international growth, and with day-to-day accounting functions spread across ... MORE »

Lessons Learned from Varian's Two SAP HANA Migration Projects

Cancer research pioneer Varian enhanced its performance and optimized its transactions and reports with a database migration to SAP HANA and a subsequent move to SAP S/4HANA. A number of best practices shared here by Varian led to the success of both migrations.  

Sanofi Performs a Self-Diagnosis

Sanofi, a major multinational pharmaceutical company, has plans for expansion. To facilitate that growth, Sanofi decided it needed to automate its financial close, account reconciliation, and journal entry processes as many of them were manual and disparate across its business units. Discover how even partway through a global implementation of ... MORE »

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Sabre Turns an Architecture Challenge into a Success Story for Billing

Processing $2 billion through its billing system and $120 billion of global travel spend annually, travel technology company Sabre needed a sophisticated and failure-proof software system. The business turned to SAP HANA Enterprise Edition to handle its complex requirements. The Sabre team worked with SAP to implement this solution, and ... MORE »

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Goodyear Keeps the Wheels Rolling with SAP Solution Manager

For the past 120 years, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has been at the forefront of a continuously changing mobility industry. It has achieved this by leading with innovation in its products and services for customers, as well as in its internal systems and processes. Following this commitment, the ... MORE »

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Digital Transformation Leads the State of Illinois to Build a Smarter IT Infrastructure in the Cloud

The disruptive nature of technology innovation is not limited to business: The public sector must also consider the impact of digital transformation. The State of Illinois recognized a need for improved technology and functionality across its growing responsibilities, and in 2016 began a digital transformation that aimed to replace 420 ... MORE »

Transforming Business in the Era of Intelligence

With the promise of the Intelligent Enterprise, SAP is charting a roadmap to support companies on their digital journeys to turn data into insight and revenue opportunities. Partners are key in helping to support this journey by building, extending, and integrating next-generation cloud applications that contribute to the intelligent suite, ... MORE »

The SAP Customer Experience and Connecting with Purpose

This second article in a series of five on the Intelligent Enterprise shows how apps and extensions to SAP Cloud Platform can benefit vendors building solutions and products to help companies optimize their service to customers.


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