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Convert Data into Business Insights with Analytics Solutions from SAP

by Padmini Ranganathan and Swati Sinha | 10/01/2013

A series of surveys by SAP found there is a clear need for meaningful insights for every individual at a company is at an all-time high, yet only few have them. This article explores that data.

Destiny Is No Longer in the Hands of Fate

Mimi Spier and Isabelle Nuage | 04/01/2013

The amount of data available to organizations today is amazing. Without the right technology, however, all of this rich data is simply clutter. Read this article to see how predictive analytics and business intelligence (BI) tools can help you capture, analyze, predict, and visualize massive amounts of information so you can solve your most critical business challenges.

Big Data? No Big Deal

Padmini Ranganathan | 10/01/2012

No matter what role you play or which industry you’re in, the ability to make strategic, well-informed decisions is vital. Analytics capabilities help employees and companies sort through massive amounts of data to find information they need to plan, adapt, and grow the business. In this article, you’ll learn about how SAP solutions provide these crucial analytics capabilities.

Mobility, BI, and Social Collaboration: United in Your Enterprise for Real-Time Results

Nic Smith | 07/01/2012

With new trends in business intelligence (BI), mobility, and social collaboration, businesses have had to get on board or be left behind. While these trends offer benefits, they also create business challenges, such as IT's ability to support all of a company’s mobile users. This article, featuring customer examples, explains how businesses can take advantage of integrated BI and collaboration capabilities with the latest release of SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions and SAP StreamWork, as well as benefit from mobile solutions.

Finance Challenges Meet Their Match

James Fisher | 04/01/2012

A precarious market and slow economic growth have taken finance challenges to the next level, spurring CFOs to develop a growing range of skills. To help, SAP has developed a number of innovative solutions that use today’s most valuable technologies – in-memory, mobile, and cloud -- to drive down costs and improve the predictability of earnings. This article details how CFOs and their teams can leverage these technologies to conquer their most daunting financial challenges.

IT Investments in Analytics: Changing the Way You Do Business

Stephanie Buscemi | 01/01/2012

Most CIOs would likely agree that the ability to demonstrate deep business knowledge and a clear impact from IT investments is important to success. This feat is not always easily managed, however, as new trends and technologies create challenges in the business world. Familiar with these challenges, SAP is giving businesses a way to turn them into opportunities by using technology to harness data assets and enable systems of engagement. This article looks at four organizations that use business analytics solutions from SAP to gain more value from their data.