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Optimize Sales and Energy Procurement by Executing the Right Portfolio Strategy

Isabel Thomas | 01/01/2013

To stay competitive within the deregulated energy industry, energy retailers need to create detailed sales and procurement portfolios that are seamlessly integrated. However, portfolios that rely on historical data are not flexible enough to keep users current on market fluctuations. Energy retailers, independent energy producers, and even large energy consumers are turning to SAP Energy Portfolio Management 6.04 to enable the real-time relay of information and make processes more efficient.

The OEM Primer

Carolee Gearhart and Fergus O'Reilly | 10/01/2011

SAP is on a mission to bring its core technology platforms to an even broader set of end users and to see these platforms used to provide new and exciting innovations. One of the ways SAP is doing this is by sharing their technology platforms with other solution developers through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnerships. This primer introduces you to the OEM concept, digs into some examples of how companies are benefiting from the OEM program today, and provides information to help other companies decide if they too are candidates for the OEM program.

Taking the Wheel: DSAG's Automotive Special Interest Group Intensifies Its Work

Dr. Volker Vogelgesang | 04/01/2011

Germany is one of the top motor vehicle-producing countries in the world. To keep up with SAP customers’ changing needs within this industry, the German-Speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) established its automotive special interest group (SIG). In this article, the SIG’s speaker, Dr. Volker Vogelgesang, discusses the group’s mission, current activities, and goals for the future.

Purpose-Built, Industry-Specific Insight That's Effective and Agile? New Analytic Applications Prove It’s Possible

Jeff Veis | 01/01/2011

In this installment of the "SAP BusinessObjects Portfolio Primer" column, SAP's Jeff Veis explains the conflicting need for an approach to business applications that is both effective and agile. But he also reveals how SAP has successfully combined effectiveness and agility with its series of industry- and line-of-business-focused SAP BusinessObjects analytic applications.

Bringing Real-Time Billing to the Telecom Industry: DSAG Helps Add Functionality to SAP’s Solutions for Telecommunications Companies

Oliver Grandpierre | 10/01/2010

New trends in the telecommunications (telecom) industry place high demands on the business software that telecom providers use. DSAG’s Special Interest Group for Telecommunications has consulted with SAP to close the billing gap in such software, and is enthusiastic about more change on the horizon.

Stepping Out of Your Industry Comfort Zone? Take a Balanced Approach to Support Both Business and IT Needs

Georg Kube | 10/01/2010

Consider the impact of an oil and gas company that branches into the retail industry when it starts selling snacks at its gas stations. This type of cross-industry expansion happens all the time, but it can put the business at odds with IT. Learn how to approach this crucial business/IT balancing act and facilitate your industry expansion with SAP solutions and supporting resources.

DSAG Works to Synch SAP for Mill Products with Industry Needs

Karl Palmetshofer | 07/01/2010

The mill industry depends on SAP for Mill Products solutions, and DSAG has taken note. With a special interest group specifically devoted to mill products, DSAG is working to better align SAP for Mill Products with the industry’s needs—and has already seen success.

Industry Snapshots: How Customers Benefit from SAP's Deep Industry Expertise—Insights from Financial Services, Utilities, and the Public Sector

Wilhelm Wälti | 07/01/2010

SAP is in the trenches with its industrially diverse customers, collaborating to better understand and address their specific needs. This article looks at three different industries—financial services, utilities, and the public sector—to uncover how customers are leveraging SAP’s industry expertise to tackle pressing issues.

Improve Your Response to Opportunities and Challenges Through Business Analytics: An Agile Approach to Implementing Impactful Analytics Solutions

Brad Surak | 04/01/2010

Companies across all industries are using analytics to identify and resolve critical business issues. Yet too many analytics projects fail because they’re too broad in scope and don’t deliver on expected results. To keep your project on track, learn the “Four Ds” of determining the right project scope, the value of reference architecture, and other expert advice on wielding analytics for competitive advantage.

You're Rapidly Evolving Toward a Services-Based Business Model — Are Your Systems Ready to Support You? Lessons Learned from the Telecommunications Industry

Fergus O'Reilly and Glenda Akers | 01/04/2010

Our new "Industry Insights" column will delve into exciting and innovative attributes of SAP industry solutions. This first installment focuses on convergent charging and systems designed to support rapidly evolving, services-based business models for the telecom industry and beyond.