Networked Business with SAP Ariba

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The Best of Both Worlds

by Manoj Narayan | 10/10/2016

The flexibility and scalability of cloud-based solutions hold a lot of promise for sourcing, procurement, and supply chain processes, but many organizations already have on-premise infrastructures built around SAP ERP devoted to managing these processes. How do you protect your existing investments while also taking advantage of the innovations offered by the cloud? Learn how SAP Ariba solutions enable easy integration between on-premise implementations and cloud-based technology, so that you can benefit from the best parts of each. 

Ariba Column
The Power of Collaboration

by Stefanie Haar | 08/04/2016

Collaboration between procurement and finance is nothing new; in many organizations, those two teams have been working together for some time on source-to-pay processes. But today, there’s a third team that needs to be a part of this collaboration: IT. By joining the expertise and resources of IT with those of the finance and procurement teams, businesses can create more efficient and responsive source-to-pay processes that better adapt to market changes. Discover the benefits of this collaboration and strategies for encouraging it in your organization. 

Ariba Column
Extending the Value of On-Premise with Source-to-Pay in the Cloud

by Chris Haydon | 04/26/2016

Advances in cloud computing and business networks have changed business in ways that could not have been imagined a few years ago, and these changes touch every aspect of an organization. Procurement and supply chain management are no exception. Cloud applications can modernize processes across the source-to-pay process and bring greater efficiency to the supply chain. At the same time, companies can elect to extend their current on-premise applications by combining them with cloud capabilities. Discover how SAP Ariba delivers these cloud applications and enables greater efficiency in procurement and supply chain processes.