Security Strategies

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Fuchs - Built-In Protection with SAP Cloud Platform
Built-In Protection with SAP Cloud Platform

by Annette Fuchs | 01/26/2018

Companies that successfully handle data security breaches rely on a balanced combination of regulatory compliance and security technology. This article explains how SAP Cloud Platform integrates these concepts to provide reliable, built-in protection for SAP customers. You will learn the difference between “security” and “compliance,” and how these concepts work together in SAP Cloud Platform to help organizations achieve the highest levels of security.

Security Strategies
Securing the Cloud with SAP Cloud Platform

by Gerold Hübner | 11/08/2017

Security is a major concern for anyone considering a move to the cloud ― along with the benefits of digitizing come increased risks due to code vulnerabilities, missing implementation of security patches, and misconfigurations, among others. So how do you make a successful transition to the digital economy without compromising your business? Learn how SAP minimizes risks with a comprehensive strategy that ensures the highest levels of security for SAP Cloud Platform. 

Security Strategies
Meeting Modern Data Protection Requirements

by Volker Lehnert | 08/24/2017

As the volume of data collected by organizations continues to increase, so too do regulations designed to protect data from misuse, particularly when it comes to personal data. One of these is the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into full effect on May 25th, 2018, and has global implications — it applies to any company that processes the personal data of people in the EU, whether or not that company is physically located within the EU. Learn how basic technical features and security safeguards included with SAP Business Suite applications help you comply with key areas of the GDPR data protection legislation and avoid the risk of steep fines due to violations.

Security Strategies
Identity and Access Management in Cloud and Hybrid SAP Landscapes

by Gerlinde Zibulski and Christian Cohrs | 04/24/2017

While ensuring appropriate user access to your enterprise systems has always been a difficult task, it has become profoundly more challenging as IT landscapes have grown more complex with changing user roles and new technologies. To help you meet this challenge, SAP provides a comprehensive set of solutions — SAP Single Sign-On, SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication, SAP Identity Management, and SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning — for managing user identities and authorizations across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. Learn about each of these tools and when to use which. 

Security Strategies
Secure Your ABAP Code Against Attack

by Jürgen Adolf | 01/31/2017

As new business needs arise, organizations often develop custom code to extend the functionality of their business software. Unfortunately, custom code can sometimes lead to unforeseen risks, including code vulnerabilities that leave your systems open to damaging cyberattacks. SAP NetWeaver Application Server, add-on for code vulnerability analysis helps you mitigate these risks by identifying vulnerabilities in your code during development, before a breach occurs. This article looks at how the latest features delivered with version 7.51 help make it easy to secure your code and ensure overall code quality.

Security Strategies
End-to-End Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

by Donka Dimitrova | 10/10/2016

As businesses extend their technology deployments into the cloud, new security concerns arise as users start accessing business applications from an array of locations and devices. How do you protect your data? How do you ensure that users have access to the right information — and only that information? SAP addresses these concerns with two security services: SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning and SAP HANA Cloud Platform Identity Authentication. Learn how these services work together to improve access and identity management for businesses with growing cloud technology deployments.

Security Strategies
Secure Single Sign-On Across SAP Landscapes

by Regine Schimmer | 08/04/2016

As the number and diversity of applications, systems, and devices in any given business network continues to grow, secure user authentication becomes both increasingly challenging and increasingly important. SAP Single Sign-On enables seamless, simple, and secure authentication for almost every SAP and non-SAP system across a heterogeneous IT landscape, and version 3.0 extends its functionality to meet the needs of modern IT landscapes. Discover the new features included with version 3.0, including automated certificate management and expanded support for mobile devices.

Security Strategies
An Integrated Approach to Identifying Security Risks

by Martin Plummer | 04/26/2016

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the cyberattacks that aim to steal and even manipulate data. In response to this new rise in cybercrime, SAP released SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, a native SAP HANA application that quickly identifies suspicious patterns in log data and generates alerts to notify the appropriate personnel to take action. Find out how to configure these alerts and learn how SAP Enterprise Threat works with existing security information and event management (SIEM) solutions to offer the best protection for SAP and non-SAP systems.

Security Strategies
Ensuring a Secure Internet of Things

by Stefanie García Laule | 01/14/2016

The biggest challenge presented by the Internet of Things (IoT) is maintaining the integrity, authenticity, and privacy of critical business data. Security teams are faced with the daunting task of verifying that data sent from a multitude of devices are both accurate and safe. Learn what crucial security measures are needed for the age of IoT and how SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Internet of Things can provide a standards-based approach to secure authentication between devices and help companies better protect themselves.

Security Strategies
7 Security Lessons for the SAP HANA Era

by Mark Hourani and Andrea Kristen | 10/08/2015

In-memory technology helps solve the challenge for how to manage and leverage a growing volume of data. Data security, however, is as paramount a concern as ever. By reading this article, you will learn the seven most critical areas of security for SAP HANA and how it ensures secure access to data.