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Courting: It's Not Just for Dating

by Jeff Mills | 01/01/2015

If you don’t currently think of your organization’s recruiting efforts as a courting process, you probably should. Learn 4 key tips from experts at SuccessFactors about the similarities between romantic and business relationships, and how to make the most of your efforts to court candidates.

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What Did You Learn at Work Today?

by Emily Wilson | 10/01/2014

It has been proven that companies with a strong learning culture outperform their competition. So why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of this opportunity and providing education to their workers? Read this article to see how you can implement a two-pronged strategy that improves both the content delivered and the way employees consume it.

Time to Upskill: Core Competencies for Workforce Analytics

by Mick Collins | 07/01/2014

This article explores the value of a workforce analytics initiative that can change the way talent management leaders recruit, engage, and maximize employee productivity. Readers will learn about the four core competencies that are necessary for a successful workforce analytics strategy: quantitative technique proficiency, business acumen, consulting skills, and communication skills. 

7 Quick Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

by Sylvia Lehnen | 04/01/2014

Learn seven ways managers can go beyond mere accessibility and boost employee engagement. Several key organizational and cultural shifts within a team can encourage a more satisfied and productive workforce. Strategies for inter-departmental exchange are also vital to bolstering employee investment in an organization and ensuring that employees feel engaged, focused, and appreciated.

SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Headlines: A Fresh Approach to Telling Stories with Data

by Kouros Behzad | 01/01/2014

This article takes an in-depth look at the Headlines feature of SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics, which is a fresh approach to how information is communicated within companies by performing the same steps an analyst performs, yet is automated, scaled across the organization, and made available to managers and leaders in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Moving Your HR Processes to the Cloud

by David Ludlow | 10/01/2013

A key concern for SAP customers looking to use SuccessFactors solutions is integration. How do SuccessFactors’ cloud-based solutions integrate with the many variations of SAP applications? This article introduces you to the technology that makes this integration happen: iFlows.