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Don't Let Latency Problems Reduce Productivity: AccAD Quickly and Seamlessly Delivers Applications to Users

Jana Richter | 10/01/2009

In global scenarios, we often see longer response times because wide area network (WAN) effects add up. Meet SAP's simple, straightforward offering to minimize performance issues and enhance the experience of remote end users: accelerated application delivery for SAP NetWeaver (AccAD).

Unveiling SAP’s New Signature Design: Tour Through SAP’s New UI and Its Benefits for Users

Andrew Cabanski-Dunning | 07/01/2009

Check out SAP's new look and feel for its core business application UIs — SAP Signature Design. You'll see what it looks like, how it harmonizes the user experience, and how it evolves users' expectations for today's enterprise software.

Drive SAP User Productivity While Containing Costs: 2 Quick, Easy Ways to Get Started

Victoria Menshchikova | 04/01/2009

Poor user adoption, increased user training times, and decreased productivity are just some of the costly implications of not having a user interface that's tailored to a user’s needs. Learn how to improve productivity and enhance the user experience with focused, easy-to-implement SAP solutions.

Accelerate the Delivery of Custom Applications to Your Mobile Workforce: Increasing the Responsiveness of Mobile Processes with SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1

Andrew Cabanski-Dunning | 10/01/2008

Uncover how the modeling and component capabilities of SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 can help you extend your business processes to your mobile workforce and ensure employees can use them with ease.

Getting to SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1: A Migration Story for Existing SAP Mobile Customers

Karsten Strothmann and Thomas Heisner | 04/01/2008

Learn about the new advances in SAP’s mobile offering, and take an intuitive, user-friendly, six-step approach to migrating to SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1.

Eliminate Mobile Device Management Headaches: SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 Is IT’s Antidote

Arvind S. Pawar | 01/01/2008

Discover how SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 helps IT combat its top three mobile pain points: easing patches and upgrades, ensuring deployed mobile applications are configured properly, and resolving business process issues.

Overcome the Top 6 IT Challenges of Mobile Business: New Major Release of SAP NetWeaver Mobile Paves the Way

Hansen Lieu | 10/01/2007

Many companies miss out on the the full benefits of mobile business, facing challenges such as growing scalability demands, the wide variety of mobile devices, and security concerns. Find out how SAP is responding to these challenges with features – such as a central management console that allows administrators to monitor all mobile users within a single application – that will become available with the new SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1.

Sales Executives and Managers, This Mobile Solution's for You — SAP's New Mobile xApp Boosts Productivity by Untethering Routine Tasks

Hansen Lieu | 04/01/2007

by Hansen Lieu, SAP Labs, LLC, and Chi Fan Yip, SAP Labs, LLC SAPinsider - 2007 (Volume 8), April (Issue 2)

Your SAP Systems Are Just a Phone Call Away! Talk to Your Enterprise Systems with SAP NetWeaver

Will Gardella | 01/01/2007

by Will Gardella, SAP Labs, and Gerlinde Zibulski, SAP Labs SAPinsider - 2007 (Volume 8), January (Issue 1)

Introducing Project Mobile Fast Track: A Quick and Easy Approach to Mobilizing Your Business Processes

Hansen Lieu | 07/01/2006

by Hansen Lieu, SAP Labs, LLC SAPinsider - 2006 (Volume 7), July (Issue 3)