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Application Lifecycle Management for Everyone: Lifecycle Topics for Developers, Development Topics for Administrators

Karl Kessler | 04/05/2010

This next generation of Karl Kessler’s “Under Development” column delves into the recently evolved world of application lifecycle management (ALM) — what it means, where you fit in, which ALM tools you should know about, and how to properly plan your ALM journey.

New Tools and Time Savers for Developers: The Latest from SAP NetWeaver Enhancement Packages

by Karl Kessler | 10/01/2009

SAP's enhancement package strategy allows customers to better manage innovation in their solution landscapes. That strategy now also has implications for the technology platform, with direct benefits for developers. Discover new productivity tools and useful features (including a new, two-way class editor) that are ready for developers to explore.

Use Flash Technology for Richer UI Capabilities in Your Web Dynpro ABAP Applications

Karl Kessler | 04/01/2009

As of enhancement package 1 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0, developers can integrate Flash into their ABAP applications. This opens up some really cool possibilities for developers.

Innovation Without Disruption: A Deep Dive into SAP's Enhancement Package Strategy for SAP ERP

Thomas Weiss and Christian Oehler | 01/01/2009

Learn how the Switch and Enhancement Framework enables the decoupled installation and activation of business functions — so now, you can add innovative new functionality without enduring a disruptive upgrade.

Industry Solutions Are Now Integrated into the SAP ERP Core: How the Switch and Enhancement Framework Makes It Possible

Thomas Weiss | 10/01/2008

Get an inside look at how the Switch and Enhancement Framework enables the integration of SAP industry solutions into the core ERP system.

Modification-Free Adaptations of SAP Programs? With Enhancements, They're Possible — and Here's How

Thomas Weiss | 07/01/2008

In the past, an upgrade to the SAP core often swept away any modifications that your developers had carefully hard coded into your system. The solution to preserving your custom code? SAP’s new switch and enhancement framework. Here, get an intimate look at the framework’s structure and find out how it catapults you beyond the traditional limitations of modifications.

Web Dynpro Know-How That Every Developer Needs to Enhance SAP Solutions

Karl Kessler | 04/01/2008

SAP’s ERP strategy allows customers to implement innovations at their own pace using enhancement packages. For developers, this means understanding how to use Web Dynpro and SAP’s switch and enhancement framework to apply SAP and custom enhancements to current solutions. Here, Karl Kessler offers a high-level introduction for developers starting down this path.

SAP's New ERP Strategy for Developers: 4 Ways to Make the Most of Your SAP ERP System

Karl Kessler | 07/01/2007

SAP ERP 6.0 is the go-to release for SAP customers and will be for some time. Find out the four things you’ll need to know to develop for the new SAP ERP landscape, and what future improvements and innovations will soon be delivered in enhancement packages. You’ll also discover the benefits you can expect from developing on SAP NetWeaver 7.0, the foundation of SAP ERP.

Get Hands-On Experience with the Newest Java Standard Running on SAP NetWeaver — Why SAP Is an Early Adopter of Java EE 5

Karl Kessler | 01/01/2007

by Karl Kessler, SAP AG SAPinsider - 2007 (Volume 8), January (Issue 1)

Get Ready to Build Your Own Composite Application

Karl Kessler | 10/01/2006

by Karl Kessler, SAP AG SAPinsider - 2006 (Volume 7), October (Issue 4)