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Ensuring Business Continuity in a Time of Digital Disruption

by James Roberts | August 17, 2017

To stand out in today’s fast-moving marketplace, businesses need to be able to change and adapt at a higher speed than ever. The resulting pace of change can outrun traditional manual and automated testing, leaving enterprises with a difficult choice... MORE »»

Using Hyperconvergence to Simplify SAP Infrastructure

by Krishna Kattumadam and Michael Dilio | July 20, 2017

As enterprise infrastructures become more complicated by mixtures of on-premise, cloud, and hybrid technologies, simplicity is becoming more important. An emerging need is for an enterprise cloud built on “hyperconverged” infrastructure, one in which a variety of technologies, including virtualized... MORE »»

Reducing SAP Licensing Cost and Risk, Including Named Users, Packages, and Indirect Access

by Eric Feldman | March 29, 2017

License management for your enterprise software can be complex and, at times, expensive. It’s tempting to cut corners or allow indirect users to access the system. But doing so could open you up to liabilities and legal issues that can... MORE »»

SAP Customers of All Sizes Can Mine Digital Insights

by Ken Murphy, Editorial Director, Data & Analytics | March 9, 2017

What if you could determine the ideal place and time to advertise to your customers that would have the greatest impact on your marketing efforts? In today’s digital economy, marketing campaigns can become even more targeted when leveraging SAP Digital... MORE »»

Take Asset Management Planning to the Next Level

by Marc Laplante | March 8, 2017

The requirements of ISO 55000 are growing increasingly important for organizations whose health depends on the health of their assets. They’re recognizing more and more that asset management is not just about keeping up with asset maintenance; rather, it’s about... MORE »»

How Will the Major Changes to Lease Accounting Standards (ASC 842/IFRS 16) Affect SAP Customers?

by Dillon Blakes | March 6, 2017

By 2019, every organization must change its lease accounting practices – the ASC 842/IFRS 16 regulations will require virtually all leases to be placed on the balance sheet. This change will have ripple effects throughout the organization, reaching beyond Accounting... MORE »»

Dell and the Agile Data Mart

by Jonathan Byerly, Global SAP Alliance Manager, Dell | December 15, 2016

Businesses of all sizes are feeling pressure from the ever-increasing data volumes they’re expected to handle. The growth in data often leads to “analysis paralysis” – the inability for organizations to determine just what data to trust or how to... MORE »»

Don’t Let SAP Data Collection Slow Down Your Overall Time to Market

by Heather Oebel | October 19, 2016

As the demand for the next cutting-edge product grows, so does the pressure on the supply chain. Suddenly, companies find themselves going to market more often and with shorter life cycles, putting supply chain processes to the test. Keeping up... MORE »»

Deploying SAP HANA in the Cloud

by Brian Ferrar | August 29, 2016

Want the benefits of SAP HANA but don't have the resources to maintain the database on site? Then you're not alone: Many companies are considering deploying SAP HANA in the cloud to leverage real-time capabilities without expending resources to manage... MORE »»

Capture the Unlimited Potential of SAP HANA in Non-SAP Environments

by Detlev Sandel, Head of SAP HANA Services, Digital Enterprise Solutions, Capgemini Germany | August 8, 2016

Today’s economy demands data-driven business, the kind that can respond to customer needs quickly and accurately. And for many organizations, this data-driven approach is powered by the agility inherent in the SAP HANA database. Many companies have not yet taken... MORE »»